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  • Hi all, I'm moving to Gangneung in the Gangwon district in a week to teach English. I was wondering about the produce available over in Korea so it's great to hear talk of Farmers Markets!! I have heard thoughtthat fresh fruit and vegetables are hor…
  • 1) Spinach 2) Dark chocolate 3) spinach, blueberries, avocadoes, tomatoes, mangoes
  • Thanks for your replies guys! I have been travelling before to South East Asia (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand) so I am well prepared for the social and cultural differences…and the toilets! 1sweetpea- I haven’t started to plan a route yet so …
  • Wow thanks Ofek, I’m definately going to try and make date milk it sounds delish! But do the dates really blend untill smooth in water? i would imagine it would turn out quite lumpy no?
    in Rice Milk Comment by louloubelle
  • Ocean Bliss- amazing advice! I have recently been prescribed Jan Marini acne products for my chin breakouts and I have started to use Susan Posnick mineral make up instead of the horrible pore-clogging Clarins creams and MAC make up I was smearing a…
    in acne Comment by louloubelle
  • I had a nasty burn scar from accidentally pressing my leg against a motorbike exhaust pipe when I was travelling. Bio Oil really worked to reduce the scar…you can barely see it now, just a faint pink patch :)
  • Thanks for all the lovely tips guys- I bought a jar of coconut oil from my local health food store on Saturday and applied it after dry brushing and bathing on Saturday night and I felt smooth as a baby! I’ve also invested in some lavender epsom sal…
    in Coconut Oil Comment by louloubelle
  • Hi Stylestacey (& everyone else in the forum ;-)) I have read several times that spots on the chin are linked to digestion and also hormonal problems. I have recently been getting breakouts on my chin (even after starting a superfoods diet, very…
    in face map Comment by louloubelle
  • I use lavender oil in a sweet almond oil base which is lovely. i’m interested to find out what other oils are good to use in the bath too… Ikn- when you say Orange is great in the morning, do you mean orange essential oil??