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  • I will admitt there was deffinatly some vanity in my going raw. That wasnt 100% of the reason but about 50%. I have not lost much weight either. My skin is FLAWLESS however.
  • I dont know personally but doesnt agar agar get gelatin like also?
  • I feel you. I live with a SAD eater myself and I constantly go out to eat with him and all our SAD friends. It is a little tempting sometimes but generally I am happy with a salad and make myself something before or after. Also I make coleslaw a lot…
  • Tunacupcakes I completely understand your dilemma. A lot of recipes from books I tried did not come out so fabulous either. The only ones that really came great were the ones in raw food real world but they are super expensive to make. I also unders…
  • Mother, I heard you should never use honey in Kombucha. It is an antibacterial and the bacteria is what makes it. From what I have read in the past it needs to be sugar other sources of sweetner are damaging to the KT.
  • I have mine in some tea in a glass soda bottle with the plunger cap. It is in my cabinet. Is it ok like that, I have heard of people refrigerating and or freezing them, is it ever too long to keep it just sitting there or basically the longer the be…
  • where do you store your scoby when you are not using it?
  • Glam I'm in NJ also! I did make my own from GT's. It didnt taste exactaly the same as GT's I also added a couple tsp of ACV to mine because it took a long time to loose its sweetness and I read somwhere that you could also use ACV as a starter. I ha…
  • Any remedies?
    in Dandruff Comment by ddigiacomo
  • I just finished a 10 day MC. I did exercise while on it but not as heavily. I had no fatigue. I worked the entire time also. The only hardship was joining friends for dinner/drinks and just having water lol.
  • I think I should have my iron checked. I have no insurance rite now so I hope it doesnt cost me a forturne. Also can you recomend any specific foods or ways to boost my iron? Thanks!
    in dark circles Comment by ddigiacomo
  • Thanks so much for all the replies. The dark circles are recent so I am assuming that it is something im lacking. I do excercise regularly also. The salt aspect is an intersting one. I do use alot of sea salt in my meals actually more since I have b…
    in dark circles Comment by ddigiacomo
  • I have used swiss chard in my smoothies also, it was ok. Organic swiss chard is kind of expensive though, like $10-12 per lb if I remember correctly. My favorite is beet greens with two macintosh apples and a banana, SO GOOD! I use alot of Kale also…
  • anyone?
    in Master Cleanse Comment by ddigiacomo
  • I concur those cinnamon rolls were great! Happy Birthday Lali!
  • just put the peeled raw eggplant and the other ingredients for baba ganoush in the processor, or do i have to dehydrate or marinate first?
    in raw eggplant? Comment by ddigiacomo
  • eggplant bacon? can someone post it, it sounds great! I marinate my eggplant in ACV and EVOO and some spices. I love it. I soak it and salt it first and squeeze it out then marinate it.
    in raw eggplant? Comment by ddigiacomo
  • This look awesome! I would love to go, as soon as I could save up enough for a plane ticket? I assume we prepare our own foods, is the equiptment supplied or do we bring our own? Is there electricity? Can I bring my dogs?
  • Green smoothies seemed to help alot for me. I love them and make them every morning!
  • I may be wrong but don't the amino acids in plants bind together to make protiens? Try drinking green smoothies, I love them!
  • Awesome maryssa, thanks so much!
  • I acutally did not need to. I am forgetting the process because my mind is somewhere else right now but I remember something had to be drained and i did so in a nut milk bag and squeezed most of the excess water out it resulted in a pliable dough.
  • I made the gnocchi, it turned out well. Unfortunatly I put too much lemon in it. I am terrible and usually measure by eye, sometimes it works to my disadvantage. I would like to make some more things from the book, have been lazy latly but I hope to…
  • I cant wait to make the gnocchi. I used to make it from scratch and when I was vegan I used to make an excellent vegan version. I miss it so much. I can not wait to try it! I am going to purchase the book today. Joyce, your blog is great! You are tr…
  • umm fuzzy can I come to your house to eat? lol. Did those recipes cost you a fortune? My mouth is watering and im in the middle of a master cleanse so its even worse =(
  • Fuzzy I have had about 6 interactions with her not one. Also if you read my post I say that she may not be any of those negative things but its the impression she gives off. Not sure if your comment was directed at mine but just clarifying.
  • No prob Emma! Maybe I am a little picky because I come from a family of resturanteurs and I have been in the customer service business all my life. I also own my own business and I take customer service very seriously. She does give off a nasty impr…
  • True, the recipes are usually very expensive to make and they do use non raw ingredients. However I can say that any recipe I made from his first book with Sarma came out excellent. I have had bad experiences with many recipe books.
  • I liked their first book also. I have eaten at Pure Food and Wine more then a few times and can't exactly say Sarma gives off a good impression. The restaurant is great and the food is also great but she seems like she is stuck up. She does not go t…
  • After reading this I went to Amazon and ordered a spirooli. I have had a saladacco for about a year, I have not had any problems with it. I just used it to make butternut squash pasta with mushrooms agiloi, yum! Stay away from mandolines they are da…