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  • I wish! I have been raw for about 2 years. I was 100% raw now im about 80%. I totally agree with needing less food but I spend at least $150 a week on grocieries. I also usually purchase a salad or salad ingredients for lunch. I buy all organic so i…
  • Thanks for the advice. She has taken her to the doctor and she also has switched the fomula to soy to see if it was a dairy thing and nothing. The doctor didnt say much except she should be going at least two times a day. I will also check my book b…
  • Soak nuts in filtered or spring water. Different nuts usually require different soak times, almonds being one of the longest soak time. Usually your easiest way it to just soak them overnight.
    in Soaked Nuts Comment by ddigiacomo
  • Everyone has different reactions to fasts. I can tell you that it is normal to feel hunger. Usually the hunger goes away by the third day. If you are feeling extremely hungry maybe you are not drinking enough juice. I think you should up your intake…
  • I have been using the Raw patties from primal. I was doing it myself but it became way too time consuming and expensive.
  • I know awsomefoods.com has some good stuff. I have purchased it in whole foods before. The only thing is the shipping is EXTREMELY high.
  • Sounds like a good idea but like you said shipping may be a big problem. Obviously if your in the UK shipping to the USA is out of the question. Shipping in and around the UK may work but its prob. going to be expensive. When you factor in the cost …
  • They were not bad sprouted. I have also made raw hummus with them and it was also not bad. Its hard to get the exact cooked hummus flavor as they do taste a little different then the cooked ones. I either read an article or heard it on Kevin Gianni'…
    in chickpeas! Comment by ddigiacomo
  • They dont have fleas thank god. I did however see a tick running around on him last night. Luckily i was able to grab it, I threw it outside because i didnt want to take the risk of it jumping out of my fingers. I will try the Diatomaceous Earth. lo…
    in Flea and ticks Comment by ddigiacomo
  • Hello Catbird, I would have loved to come especially because I will be in the area on the 11th. ( I am from there but moved to AC). Unfortunately I am in the beauty biz and as most know we work on Saturdays. If you ever do anything on a Sunday or Mo…
  • I went there and it was great, thanks for the recomendation. We had the gnocchi and sliders along with the heirloom tomatoe ravioli's and a seaweed salad. I had the "white russian" to drink and my friend had the "long island iced tea" I also had the…
    in Raw Boston Comment by ddigiacomo
  • You guys are great! Thanks!
    in Raw Boston Comment by ddigiacomo
  • :0)
    in Raw Boston Comment by ddigiacomo
  • Also try mana bread. Its also not raw but it is made from sprouted grains and cooked at very low temp. You can get it in the freezer section of any whole foods and actaully alot of other ordinary grociery stores carry it.
  • harry, I live with someone that is not raw. The way I cope is that I do not tell him how to eat and he doesnt tell me how to eat. If you actually do the cooking you will just have to make two different meals. As far as price raw is expensive especia…
  • Well Its nice to see that there are many other people going through the same thigns as I do. I wish it would have been under different circumstances. I live with someone who could not be more SAD on his diet. He does however eat some raw things when…
  • Thanks pixx!! I did not know that.
    in Food Processors Comment by ddigiacomo
  • Awesome, thanks! Well bed bath and beyond is offering like $20 rebates on most of their kitchenaids and they give a 20% coupon. If I go with a kitchenaid i will save the $20 but if cuisinart is so much better I would rather spend the extra $20.
    in Food Processors Comment by ddigiacomo
  • AVL I dont totally believe in rules and I especially do not belive in starving. When your hungry eat. I do not thing you are eating too much, if you are felling hungry add some more fats. As you start to transition to 100% raw you will find you star…
    in Am I doing ok? Comment by ddigiacomo
  • Try spirilizing butternut squash and make a creamy alfredo type sauce soooo good. I haven't used my spirilizer in a while, I feel like getting it out tonight after reading this.
  • What recipes for soup have you tried? I love raw soups but usually just make simple ones. Alot of times i will just throw some corn and water and a handfull of sunflower seeds in the vitamix and make soup, I usually season it with sea salt and some …
  • Have you tried seeing an herbalist and or doing a cleanse. Aside from dehydration which is a def. possibilty sometimes headaches are caused by bacteria, especialy migranes. Try cleansing and I would try to see what foods may also be causing them. Go…
  • I concur nefertiti! I have never had a problem either but green smoothies will def. help. One in the morning when you wake up and you should go to the bathroom after. Also there is always a salt water "bath" in the am if you want. Basically you drin…
    in uh oh Comment by ddigiacomo
  • I keep my mother in some kombocha in the cabinet. Is this wrong? I just checked it and its looks like a small jellyfish. Is there a point in which it will go bad? Should I put it in the fridge? On another note, any other men have problems drinking K…
  • I splurged and purchased a vitamix. I put the entire fruit in seeds core and all. I do ruffly cut them up though. Usually I put some water in with whatever green im using(I dont chop the greens). I blend them untill liquid then i add the fruit.
  • thanks for the tip sid, I will try that!
  • I make a raw nori roll with cauliflower for the rice. Basically I process the cauliflowers in the food processor and season it. Then I dry it between paper towels to get out the excess moisture. I also take handfuls of "rice" and squeeze it out over…
  • I think I am going to try my hand at making a moon pie. I will let you know how it goes.
  • I was at one lucky duck yesterday. I had their moon pie, it was AMAZING! I cant wait for the recipe you come up with.
  • Where do you feed your dogs raw? I attempted to feed my dogs raw and it was a huge mess. They would bring the bones and meat all over the house. I couldn't have that raw meat everywhere in my house. I am now feeding my toy poodle the frozen patties.…
    in Raw Pet Feeding Comment by ddigiacomo