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  • Thanks for sharing! Will definitely try this out, I usually end up with my jars being greyish-gluey, however hard I try to remove the labels.
  • I don't know, I've never done it before, but probably should! What I meant by asking if it is the same as the pH thing was meant like - what exactly do you mean by doing the alkaline test, are you measuring your pH? Where can you get those strips? P…
    in UGGGGGHH!!!! Comment by llindaaa
  • Hi, Letucelove! How do you test alkaline? Is it the same pH thing?
    in UGGGGGHH!!!! Comment by llindaaa
  • I agree with you, Coconut Love! For my lifestyle, not eating after dark, would mean 1 meal a day, as it is now getting dark even before 5pm here!
  • Blueyz - how I understand you about limiting yourself and only eating bare minimum!! Yeah, that is very strange - my medications were supposed to reduce my weight as well but.. Nothing so far.
  • This is a great advice, Eecho. Because I do tend to eat at late (sometimes - very late) hours. I have heard people saying that they find it easier to limit the time they eat rather than the amount of calories they consume. Well, I am definitely not …
  • I am 167cm and my weight is 72kg. So I am not imagining anything. And I would say that this is my best form, which I am only able to maintain by being very strict with myself. I am actually hypothyroid, which might be the reason for it, but then aga…
  • I am just really looking after my hair, doing coconut oil masks at least once a week (this is the BEST, this is how my hair survived in South East Asia), only very rarely using styling products, hardly ever blowdrying it.. But my weight? How come th…
  • That is quite inspiring, JoyceH. Thanks. Already feel better. :)
  • I keep reading all these stories of people saying how fantastic they feel being 50/80/100% raw, about this energy, vitality, glow and everything.. This is my second time of going raw, first time I was raw for 3 months and felt kinda ok, at least - n…
  • Completely agree, Brontesaurus. When I returend to this site in early October, after being away for 4 months, I was shocked to see how many (of the apparently newly joined) peole here have started discussing various ED's. I almost felt as if I had j…
  • I just made some the other day, they were amazing! All I added was a bit of salt, but I think if you add some herbs/a bit of spices/ a sprinkle of oil they will be even better! Thats what I'm doing today, actually :)
  • Sprouted peanuts!! They're amazing!
  • maybe some salad?
    in Spring greens Comment by llindaaa
  • What is sugar pumpkin, how does it look like? Isn't it the same, as butternut squash?
    in sugar pumpkin Comment by llindaaa
  • KImchi!! Its just that when I make it, it usually turns out so nice that I eat if before it manages to ferment.. So I usually end up eating my Korean flatmate's shop bought kimchi.
    in Fermented?? Comment by llindaaa
  • Thanks for the ideas! Right now, I am trying out my hot water boiler cupboard - just put in a tray or potato crisps some 1/2h ago.. Lets see what comes out in some 12h....
  • Suasoria, I am sooo jealous!!!! You're saying that you can get 9 coconuts for 7-10$, here in London (UK) I am paying 2
  • As I said, everyone keeps coming up with new theories. That's why I feel I am getting so tired from all this constant looking after WHAT I eat. As if all other food was poisonous. Why can't we just eat?! I love this simple truth about a good diet, s…
  • The funny thing - each chart is different. For example, this one states that apples etc. are alkaline food whilst others say that apart from 'Lemon Lime Avocado Tomato Grapefruit Watermelon (is neutral) Rhubarb' (http://www.energiseforlife.com/list_…
  • Well, according to this chart I should live forever! :D
  • Well.. This is what bothers me all the time.. I have been raw for 2 months now and it seems that I have put on some weight during this period. This really is both very strange and upsetting, knowing that I eat far more 811 than gourmet raw way. Is i…
    in Can you be fat? Comment by llindaaa
  • Carnap - I think how much pesticides are used really does rely on regulations and standards of each country... It makes sense what you said about eating non-organic in the States!
    in Always Organic? Comment by llindaaa
  • What if you use VegiWash? Suppossed 'to remove pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, waxes, surface contaminants and oils from a wide variety of fruits and vegetables'.. ? I rarely buy Organic stuff as where I live it is so incredibly expensive.. Mayb…
    in Always Organic? Comment by llindaaa
  • This is exactly what I always wonder about - does mature coconut water has the same beneficial qualities as young coconut water?
  • Thank you VERY much for your replies everyone, it really helps to hear other opinions and learn something new.. Those of you who mentioned that I should read more are right, all of my 'knowledge' about raw eating I have only gained through internet …
    in Truly lost :( Comment by llindaaa