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  • Just wanted to add my $.02 in here, as I've dealt with breakouts in my life a lot as well. Thought I'd just throw out a few additional ideas. In order to get more beneficial bacteria into your system, you could also try kombucha, kimchi, or sauerkra…
  • I have been hearing for awhile now that some people have eliminated onions and garlic, and I wasn't sure what the basis behind it was. This article clears up that question for me. Although I still do not plan to stop eating onions and garlic. Same g…
  • Lately I have been satisfying my nighttime snack cravings with kale chips and flax crackers. The kale chips are my fav. right now. You could even use the flax crackers (or fake tortilla chips, etc.) to scoop up that yummy homemade salsa. This is ass…
  • These are all really great points that are hitting home for me today especially. I ate a nut-based dish for dinner yesterday, was full, but still proceeded to eat a heavy nut-based dessert not too long before going to bed (darn sweet tooth!). So I o…
  • That is awesome Fruitie! I'm glad you came back to this thread to update what happened at the wedding. Congratulations for sticking to your guns and only eating what you wanted to eat. I know how it goes with family events and celebrations, and that…
  • Resurrecting a bit of an older thread here, but I find it incredibly interesting! I never had any idea that eye color could change when you got older. I know that a lot of babies are born with lighter eyes than they end up with, but thought there wa…