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  • Thanks for all the advice guys :) That's a good point eecho about it all being entirely psychological I'd never really thought about that before, so that definately something to play with. Haha I feel your pain camiheartsraw I have a massive massive…
  • Add me :) Search Vicky Brown and my picture is black and white with me leaning forward so my hair is all messy lol
  • I knew oxalic acid was bad for calcium absorption but I didn't know it was present in spinach, thanks whiteapple :)
    in always sick Comment by rawgorgeous
  • If you've been on antibiotics in the past which I am sure you have like most people they are really really damaging for you immune system and it needs an extra helping hand to build it up again. The best thing to do is eat lots of fermented foods or…
    in always sick Comment by rawgorgeous
  • 17 and living in Dorset, England :) its freezing/snowing atm brrr...
  • definately maca but also if you aren't eating many raw fats look into upping those by eating more things like avo, coconut etc as fats are really important to ensure that your body will be able to sustain a growing fetus. good luck :)
  • Your not being negative, your being realistic! Im definately going to stick this one through and see if i can come up with a way around this shipping problem...
  • thats one problem im trying to iron out. I know kate magic at raw living ships raw cakes and im wondering how its done. I was thinking maybe refridgerated shipping?? Any ideas would be appreciated!!
  • :) thank you