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  • here's a recipe i developed for the same purpose: http://www.goneraw.com/recipe/mung-salad-faux-tuna
  • what i do, is not quite raw but better than popped, exploded corn kernels. take the buds from a big organic cauliflower, sprinkle with sea salt and brewer's yeast, and dehy for a couple of hours or so to heat it up! it is a compulsive snack like pop…
    in Popcorn???? Comment by vabeachcg
  • grab-and-go: -bananas -grapes -apples -clementines beverages: -coconut water (from a young thai coconut) -fresh-made juices (make your own) -purified water (the tap stuff just doesn't cut it) -a little almond milk or hempseed milk (make your own) -m…
    in Must Haves Comment by vabeachcg
  • the only appliances i use: food processor (mini-one button $10 pulse-er), a blender (RARELY...maybe twice this month), a juicer (a lot...but got it for $12 at the thrift store...waited for 2mo but it was worth the wait i refused to pay $200 for a ne…
  • yesterday: b & L= n/a (fasting) s: kombucha, raw sweet potato chips (sweet potato sliced into discs) d: raw thai red curry w/ jasmine rice (not raw) today so far: B: pineapple chowder: 1 banana + the peeled outer layer of 1 pineapple + 1c filter…
  • b: blackberry- banana smoothie w/ maca powder s: banana Lpart 1: 2 shore break cakes wrapped in romaine w/ tomato & onion (like crab cakes only better...no meat and using sprouted mung beans) Lpart 2: a huge huge raw caesar salad w/ shredded coc…
  • correction-- my black forest smoothie had 3 bananas not 2.
  • breakfast: vegan home-brew coconut kefir, 2 raw onion- dill bagel sandwiches, black forest smoothie (2 bananas + fresh blackberries + maca + pure water + spirulina) snack: 2 apples lunch: 4 bananas snack: 3 apples evening kombucha home-brew dinner: …
  • let's see... B: vegan coconut kefir, buckwheat krispies cereal +dates + fresh blackberries, hempseed/ walnut mylk. S: raw- raw chocolate cookie dough, apple, banana L: vegan nori rolls, more raw-raw chocolate cookie dough S: banana, orange, apple, r…
  • cereal: buckwheat crispies + banana + goji berries in an almond-hemp raw milk (some pulp included for added nutrition) raw dark chocolate brownie balls 2 bananas 1/4c homebrew kombucha 1c pure water
  • breakfast: green smoothie, banana snack: sprouted mung crackers, 2 bananas lunch: kelp noodles over a bed of dandelion with some cashew butter and some soy sauce (trying to use it up before getting nama shoyu....i dont recommend this combination, bt…
  • honestly, i would compare this whole clouded, bloated discussion to, (what else?) Christianity. There are Christians. people who consider themselves followers of and believers in Jesus Christ. I consider myself a Christian. Do I go advertising it ev…
  • i myself used dr bronners when i first went vegan, and thought it was the best thing in the world. then i got dreadlocks. in feb i will have had dreads for a year, and honestly, now all i do is rinse in the shower, and run a little RAW coconut oil t…
  • might the tongue sores be thrush??