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  • none, and believe it or not, despite it being the dog days of winter i have not gotten sick once *communicable-disease related* all season long... first time ever! and its the first time ive ever had a high-raw winter.
  • spitfiredd my grandma usec to make sassafrass tea frequently and used it medicinally like, in a tincture.
    in Foraging Comment by vabeachcg
  • um....i live at the beach....at the mouth of the chesapeake bay....google 'save the bay' and you'll find plenty of reasons not to forage for, um, seafood... i jest. i would love to forage---but in urban areas? i'll have to really find an area i trus…
    in Foraging Comment by vabeachcg
  • i notice when i eat something processed (ie not raw or salt-laden), i wake up the next morning feeling like an old woman; hobbling out of bed, and with swollen, sore joints. its pathetic. i don't like that. and since i've been yo-yoing, i notice it …
  • nothing ani phyo...i feel as though you do, with most of her recipes, i end up tweaking them and essentially creating my own thing haha. her stuff is loaded w/ oils, nuts, fats, avocado...etc hahaha.
  • i'd have to ditto sisterbecky...and i love uncooking; its like, an art form for me; so i will always indulge every now and again in some gourmetness, for the simple fact its fun and pleasurable for me. and i don't want to completely ignore that aspe…
  • its funny- i personally am not 8/1/1; i see it as a fad diet, that if i tried to 'stick to it' i'd most likely fall off the raw wagon, and end up endulging in non-veg*n crap. but that's just me being honest with myself. ironically enough though, i l…
  • oh, and i grow as much of my own food that i can; i am working towards transitioning (and this poss. might be facilitated in the summer with more local variety), but i am transitioning towards: 50-50: 50% local/ organic, 50% homegrown. (i live in an…
  • i eat organic what i can, where i can. if that means compromising variety then i tend to eat unorganic- variety as opposed to all organic- same ol' same ol'.  
  • i'll help support you! :) i'll be your RAW bud! Leslie.  
  • another thing i noticed---when raw, drink PLENTY of water....cold water.. because ive noticed that when i dont, i get really bad cramps and headaches--- worse than when i would go without water with cooked foods. plus being dehydrated while raw, it …
  • dude, DS- i've sooo had gas too thanks for reminding me...like, gas and bloat? but this was when i aimed for high-fruit, low-fat days. (like today, i've consumed all fruit (with the exception of 2 raw onion- dill bagel sandwiches for breakfast).....…
  • i've noticed odor, especially in the pitts....but its an easily washable odor; or if in a position where i can't wash, i use the crystal deodorant which almost immediately remedies the prob. i've noticed i don't need to use 'antiperspirant/ deodoran…
  • that's awesome to hear, lauraj! :) that made my
  • bleesh yes, yes it does... then again don't ask me; so does raw animal milk and raw honey (well--honey in general--i simply cannot bring myself to consume honey or bee products; my friend took beekeeping in college and i learned a lot about the plig…
  • health + philosophical + moral reasons :)
  • substitutions help me stay high-raw: dulse or kelp instead of: salt rejuvelac instead of: meat-based broths (in un-cooking dishes--- not as a direct soup base, but a couple of drops in a 'broth' works wonders) ground sesame seeds instead of: parmesa…
  • i really don't have this problem, because i strive to surround myself with like-minded or positive, tolerant people. when i can't, i change my surroundings. when i can't do that, i only let my RAW lifestyle come into play in a situation, when necess…
  • right now, i'm green smoothie-juice fasting, for 5 days. percentages don't matter to me; what matters to me, is eating what makes me feel good, makes me happy, and fuels/ cleanses my body. to me, that is raw foods. its just that simple. ;) KISS- kee…
    in How Raw Are You? Comment by vabeachcg
  • welcome, from the raw community and congratulations for taking one of the best, smartest steps of your life! (at least in my opinion).
  • some sweeteners to consider: stevia agave nectar date water (soak dates overnight in pure water, and save the water for a light, spritzy sweetener) bananas pineapple juice (great in smoothies, desserts where a fruity, sweet taste is needed for a tou…
  • those combinations are terrible. at least, for me. i would have flatulence like a mother, and would likely go mad and binge on nonraw, poss. nonvegan stuff, because i would feel i am depriving myself. i agree with avl; try spacing it out.
    in One Meal A Day Comment by vabeachcg
  • i am a 24 f in the states who prefers women around my age... :)
    in LGBT raw foodies Comment by vabeachcg
  • holler! we should keep this group pinned on the front page...maybe more and more will start popping up and posting...
    in LGBT raw foodies Comment by vabeachcg
  • stellajewels-- you have a beauty of a boston terrier...i have a mixed one myself ;)
    in COFFEE Comment by vabeachcg
  • LOL Kitty! I tried giving up coffee before....and yea after a while of not having it, it had the same laxative effect on me as well. :X
    in COFFEE Comment by vabeachcg
  • i used to drink coffee while RAW, but i just stopped craving it....its been 3 weeks....i haven't wanted a cup of coffee. then again, so did SAD cravings with me--they just went away; like magic, almost.
    in COFFEE Comment by vabeachcg
  • stellajewels...i just finished a green smoothie fast ...well by just finished, i started eating raw solids at the end of day 2. the buzz was gone; though i had excellent experience...by day 2 i CRASHED and my digestive system, for some reason, wasn'…
    in Motivation? Comment by vabeachcg
  • wow...thats excessive...moderation just got thrown out of the window? then again you are a runner...so maybe you need all of that... :)
    in Motivation? Comment by vabeachcg
  • ianpenk--- ditto, you said it. ;)
    in Motivation? Comment by vabeachcg