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  • That's why you should buy Maine Coast sea vegetables, not cheap seaweeds imported from China/Japan. Anyway, yes, up your intake of good quality sea vegetables now. Also, take zeolites. Dr. Gabriel Cousens wrote a good article with recommendations on…
  • I agree with you, Maxie. I became tired of all the fat, but was also turned off by 8/11 insisting you basically just eat fruit, with no spices, herbs, starchy vegetables, or wheatgrass juice etc. allowed. My happy medium was to start eating steamed …
  • Raw, organic apple cider vinegar should help a great deal;. fresh garlic and oregano may also be a good idea.
    in help.... Comment by Ceidren
  • I think you should go back to your regular raw diet that you had before 8/11. I agree that the 'party line' answers and exclusiveness of some people can wear on you (since you aren't a member of the 'club' of successful tropics fruitarians, it is yo…
  • Badgers organic sunscreen is not toxic--on the skin-deep cosmetic safety database, it is given the cleanest rating possible. It is not a chemical sunscreen, but a barrier one, and it isn't absorbed into the body. Don't burn yourself and get skin can…
    in Sunscreen Comment by Ceidren
  • Since you've had an allergic reaction to the aztec war drug, just don't take it anymore.
    in maca reaction? Comment by Ceidren
  • Gabriel Cousens has a book, 'there is a cure for diabetes' that you should look into.
    in Raw and Diabetic? Comment by Ceidren
  • Eating disorders have a basis in your personal history, and are not something you randomly catch like a cold by eating a certain diet.
  • What about this: http://www.pureprescriptions.com/products/product_details.asp?productsid=1223
  • The bill doesn't outlaw home gardening, but it does give the fda the ability to crack down on big corporate farms that sell contaminated "foods" which makes people sick. I guess the meat/dairy industry and big ag don't want that. The opposition to t…
  • Healthforce nutritionals has this product I'm taking now, Liver Rescue 4+ ; it is a high quality blend of herbs that can detoxify, heal, and rebuild the liver. I think that is much better than swallowing huge amounts of lemon juice and olive oil for…
    in LIVER FLUSH??? Comment by Ceidren
  • I have currently come the farthest I ever have in recovery, but to do so I needed to switch from 100% raw to having cooked vegetables for dinner. That stabilized my emotions/cravings enough to let the progress I had made in writing therapy and chang…
  • Thin-skinned kabocha, red kuri, and some delicata squash have edible skins, even when raw, though they do have a crunch associated.
  • You can chop pumpkins/winter squashes into raw salads, blend them into raw soups, shred them into raw pastas... You are allowed to eat whatever regardless of what doug graham thinks is cool; so just make your own raw diet.
  • It wouldn't surprise me if/that agave worked as an appetite stimulant. I certainly find that garlic and salt act that way for me. Anyway, moving off of the heavy gourmet meals would be a good idea--fresh fruits and vegetables are much better staples…
  • I don't care what "early humans" ate--it was arbitrary in any case, and I don't try to emulate any part of their violent, sick lifestyle, either. Fat is what causes me to gain weight--you will likely feel a bit different as you change your diet, but…
  • You don't need grains necessarily--sweet potatoes and winter squash, other cooked vegetables could stand in for them. If your new to raw, I don't suggest you try a 8/11 diet.
  • Pasteurized almonds are not raw foods anymore--I'd explore alternatives.
    in Soaking almonds Comment by Ceidren
  • I'm really sorry that happened to your kids. Maybe just focusing on calming foods like fruit smoothies (maybe with some mint) for now will allow their system to heal. Papaya or cucumber juice may help.
  • I would see if you can find some reference to this specific bean bearing an edible sprout on google before eating it; I also wouldn't take a chance by eating these raw when they could be one of those beans that is toxic unless cooked.
  • I've used fresh parsley, cilantro, dill, arugula, watercress, carrot tops, dandelion, purslaine (good foraged), oregano leaves and sunflower sprouts with good results. Whatever you can get for variety should be good.
  • It is always a good idea to rotate the greens you use in green smoothies--you would surely be fine if you cut back the spinach to maybe two days a week. All plants have potential negative substances in them, so it's best not to eat too much of anyth…
  • I think it's just the oxygen bubbles sent up by your blender while it works. I noticed in the past that happened primarily when the smoothie was more watery than thick and creamy
    in Frothy smoothies! Comment by Ceidren
  • It may be that fresh orange and pineapple juices could help dissolve those calcium deposits.
  • Coconut oil and dates can definitely make a fruit salad more sustaining for physical work.
  • I don't tend to do well with celery, either--it doesn't make me feel very good and it tends to trigger cravings in me. Another alkalizing juicing alternative to cucumber and celery would be watermelon (include the rind and seeds)--making this the ba…
  • I've read before that some people bring dehydrated green powders with them, nori sheets, or even maintain sprouting bags/jars to make greens while they walk. Root vegetables, also, can survive a few days out of refrigeration, and won't be smashed. A…
  • It's so easy to make your own kraut--you just knead vegetables with a few teaspoons of salt, pack them tightly in a jar, make sure they are submerged under the brine that comes up, and wait a few weeks. That's all; no need to buy it as long as you h…
  • Nice try at obfuscating the issue; naturally you couldn't possibly be the problem. Unlike you, I don't demand to know what people's diets are in order to blame their health problems on anything contained therein which is not 8/11, nor do I try to ma…
  • It isn't a coincidence when you automatically tell someone to read the 8/11 book. What works best for me or you does not work best for everyone else, so I don't personally recommend that. I'm not against 8/11, actually, just against pushing it's dog…