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  • Oh man. That is incredible.
    in This is awesome!!!! Comment by schrip
  • Give it a while! Are you striving for 100%? Don't restrict. Start by just getting as much raw food in your body as you can. If you really want something cooked, have it. Then start trying to go raw until dinner. After that, eat as high raw as you ca…
    in New to Raw Comment by schrip
  • I don't mean to add to any pain, but I'm really curious- will you always have to live like that?
  • Wow. Isn't having to eat like that pretty time-consuming? By the way, you are SO FREAKING BEAUTIFUL.
  • Hm. I've had banana-only smoothies before, and they never foamed up. Try using less water. You don't need a lot to blend bananas. They turn to liquid with barely any added water (a few tablespoons). Also, if it's okay on a stomach tube, try adding s…
  • I tried this once. It was an orange/spinach smoothie, and it didn't do so well with the orange (it was a bit stringy...). As far as greens, I don't think anything compares to a high-speed blender, but my Bullet did alright.
  • I tried making an Asian pear chutney once... it did not work. Tomatoes, avocados, Asian pears, cucumbers, cumin, chili powder, probably some other things. Too many flavors. And I'm not the hugest fan of Asian pears to begin with.
  • Nevermind, the cloudiness at the bottom was just the container I was using. Nothing much on the top, after two weeks. I don't think the spot I have it in is warm enough.
    in Kambucha Comment by schrip
  • Another question! I followed your (have_mersey's) instructions above about making your own kombucha culture. After over a week, there's only a tiny section of film on the top, but there's a bunch of stuff on the bottom. Can the culture grow on the b…
    in Kambucha Comment by schrip
  • Ah! One more question. After you culture your own mushroom with a bottle of GT's, as you explained above, is the resulting leftover liquid suitable to use as the "two cups already brewed kombucha" for starting your first batch?
    in Kambucha Comment by schrip
  • What if you want to sweeten it with fruit juice, like GT's?
    in Kambucha Comment by schrip
  • Eesh, that'd be so frustrating! My family isn't that bad, but it really irritates me when jars and containers of mayonnaise, jelly, and leftovers make it impossible to reach the vegetables... It's gotten better, though. Especially after I reorganize…
    in Wasteful? Comment by schrip
  • Similar to what you already tried, blend together some bananas, cocoa, agave, nut milk, whatever you have to make a sweet, creamy liquid, and let some chia seeds soak in that for more of a pudding-style treat. The less liquid, the thicker.
  • I second the apples and bananas. Also, big boxes of clementines! As long as you have a place to unpeel them, they're nice little sweeties in their own little package. Seasonal fruit is usually pretty cheap. As for iron, broccoli, green beans, beets,…
  • Thank you, LOSTisFOUND! I really have thought about that a lot, and I know I/we need to avoid a raw food lifestyle developing into an eating disorder- either a state where eating something cooked would be *gasp* terrible, horrible, Iwanttokillmyself…
  • I'm proud of you, liger. I think I've finally hit some major-er detox. I'm so...irritable. If something isn't exactly right for how I feel at that very moment, I get frustrated and whiny and blah. Also, I think my skin is breaking out a little. But …
  • *raises hand sheepishly* A previous counselor administered a depression test. "Severly clinically depressed" was the result.
  • Aha! I've also got a sort of all-or-nothing attitude. Doesn't help much with an eating disorder... :b
  • Liger, I need the same kind of friend. I'm 15 (I suddenly feel rather immature...) and recovering from anorexia. Eating disorders are... blegh. I feel the same way- I don't obsess so much over food when I'm higher raw. I lost somewhere between 75 an…
  • Okay, thank you, bitt!
    in Raw Buckwheat Comment by schrip
  • Thanks everyone! I've also heard you shouldn't soak buckwheat for more than 15 minutes....? Truth?
    in Raw Buckwheat Comment by schrip
  • I'm a (unschooled) high schooler, too! Also the only raw vegan in the house. If you have a food processor, try making cauliflower "rice" dishes. Sun dried tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, coconut, avocado, ginger, anything you want. It really does taste…
  • Me. Not just the taste, either. I got a gift card to my local food co-op. and decided to try out some hemp milk ice cream (sugar was the sweetener). It was pretty good, but afterwards I had a stomach ache and I was irritable and snappy. THIS teenage…
    in Raw rocks! Comment by schrip
  • You're welcome! I've been following it for a while, perhaps I should stop creeping around and start commenting... :b
  • bigrawblog.blogspot.com bittsblog.blogspot.com gingeristhenewpink.blogspot.com
  • Banana ice cream, an apple 1/2 cup oatmeal, carrots and hummus Strawberry/kiwi fruit salad Huge salad, steamed broccoli and sweet potato. Might have some more banana ice cream now. Ugh, I'm undereating on raw fruits and vegetables. I crave a huge bo…
    in What You Ate Today Comment by schrip
  • I. Freakin'. Love. Ataulfos.
    in What You Ate Today Comment by schrip
  • Breakfast was a smoothie of 1 banana, 1 overripe pear, cranberries, a tsp coconut oil, parsely, cilantro, spinach, and ice. Lunch was an apple and two kiwis topped with 2 TBS ground flax seed, a tsp coconut oil, and sunflower seed milk. Dinner was t…
    in What You Ate Today Comment by schrip
  • Aw, Rawaholic, I hope they heal soon. Our power was out this morning, so I couldn't have a smoothie. I chopped up an apple and pear and topped it with two heaping TBS ground flax seed. It came back on at noon, though, so lunch was a delicious smooth…
    in What You Ate Today Comment by schrip
  • Smoothie of 2 bananas, cranberries, and spinach. 1/4 of a baked butternut squash with raw cranberry/mango/pear/date chutney. Some carrot/pineapple/raisin salad. One banana blended with water, ice, and cinnamon. A chopped pear topped with 2 heaping T…
    in What You Ate Today Comment by schrip