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  • I'm raw and in college and my roomie is a vegan she understood the need to blend in the morning but we'd usually wake up at the same time so I wasn't waking her up much
  • Oh man I don't think the dollar stores by me sell fruits but I'm very happy with the outcome of the fruits I get at the farmers market , trader joes and whole foods in my area... and sometimes with seasons things get good sales
  • I live in north NJ and I'd love to meet up and make some raw buddies silkspectreiii at gmail dot com
  • There is an entry somewhere I have used to turn your oven into having dehydrators qualities and I’ve used it for recipes that require a dehydrator. I try to get back with the details because I can’t seem to find it at the moment.
  • Even if tea is not raw I’ll still continue with my consumtion of yerba mate to get off the coffee.
  • Wow I hope I can come =]
  • Oh wow thank you so much for the info, also I love the url of site. Sounds like an awesome site. I’ll try to work on cutting soy beans out asap
    in Soy beans Comment by moxandspaceships
  • Whole Foods & Trader Joes are my food saviors I don’t know what I would do with out them. I have a small trader joes a block away from me which I go to about every other day and then weekly I try to make it to a whole foods that is about a 20 mi…
  • Yoga does do amazing work for cramps! Meditation also helps me when I’ve realized I’ve been moody all day. I have certain yoga movements for certain times, to start the day, end the day/help me sleep, PMS, sick and so on. I don’t know where I would …
  • Heh thanks I find when I’m near PMS is when my 25% not rawness comes up and is hard to control. I try raw chocolate and making green but yummy smoothies around the clock but still am slipping a bit but I’m getting better… I think.
  • Juices are good, also maybe make some smoothies and throw in some goji berries. Do you drink any tea? If so when I am having a hard time waking up I drink a cup of yerba matte. Recently I have been having an easy time wakign up and gaining energy bu…
    in Tired Comment by moxandspaceships
  • Hah yes I could afford to live there as well
  • Wow I had no clue what it ment either thanks 123
    in SAD??? Comment by moxandspaceships
  • before- strawberries after- strawberries
  • I can’t get away from coffee/espresso either but my tea intake has gone up and the rest dropping bit by bit I’m not too considered with giving up coffee for this but my doc says I need caffeine detox
  • I mostly shop at Trader Joes and Whole foods. Luckily neither is too far from where I like (I have a trader joes a block away) On this site there was a topic for daily/weekly meal plans and ideas for starters. (this site has helped me sooo much) I c…
  • I live partly in NYC and a knew a good deal of people with all different diets and life style changes the city is what helped me actually all my jersey friends think I’ve been a freak since age 9 when I decided to be a vegetarian though many have be…
  • Shows/movies/comics – Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Dr Who, Fables, Tank Girl, X-Men, Pirates of Coney Island, The Witching, and many more People – William Gibson, Philip Dick, Stephen Hawking and some others Anime – Neon Gensis Evangelio…
  • Shows/movies/comics – Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Dr Who, Fables, Tank Girl, X-Men, Pirates of Coney Island, The Witching, and many more People – William Gibson, Philip Dick, Stephen Hawking and some others Anime – Neon Gensis Evangelio…
  • The cost is ridiculous and as is the transportation. My college uses over 50% of local grown foods in the caf. I’d like to start trying to do that when I’m home as well.
  • Are there any companys I could find easily in shops that anyone would recomment over others. I haven’t dyed my hair in about a year but I used to often.
  • Great topic and questions. I’d love to add aloe to my smoothies.
  • Wow germin8 it’s great that you are preparing raw for your class. I wish I could afford a dehydrator but at the moment being a struggling college student that investment can’t fit my buddget.
  • aw they look like good lunch boxes. I’m sorry to hear they didn’t work out for you. Wow loveskale that first stainless steel lunch box looks awesome. I’d like to get one now for picnics. Newbie, I’ve always had a thing for those wrap-n-mats. I got a…
  • Where do you think it might be easy to find these in shops? I try to avoid buying things online.
  • I’m vegetarian since September 2001 but I still haven’t managed to be 100% raw or vegan so congrats on that fast transition. I do as well during school have a juice or smoothie on me at all times. Breakfast and Diner are when I prepare actually raw …
  • Congrats!
  • Sounds great, I’ll have to check it out :)
  • Wow thanks for the info. I just moved up to VT for college and I’d love to check that out this year I haven’t heard info till now so thanks a bunch.
    in Solarfest Comment by moxandspaceships
  • Great Books!