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  • http://www.nutritiondata.com ?
  • Are wheatberries the same thing as buckwheat groats? If they aren’t, I’ll start a new topic for this question: Must raw buckwheat groats be sprouted to make edible or will an extended soaking suffice? How long?
  • Stacie, you can change the unit of measure on most foods in CRON-o-Meter. The drop down to the right of the amount often includes cups, etc.. As for recipes you can construct your own, as Avo Cado notes. The food list is that of the USDA and include…
  • Must buckwheat groats be sprouted or is there a sufficient amount of just soaking that will make them safe to consume?
  • I definitely eat the seeds, usually at the same time as the flesh. The contrast between sweet and peppery/sharp is so yummy. I often scoop everything out to top a simple salad of leafy greens.
    in Papaya seeds Comment by zenpawn
  • This list of vegetables sorted from highest to lowest for protein to calorie ratio should help: http://www.nutritiondata.com/foods-011078000000…
  • You’re missing my point. If you can avoid the toxin accumulation, which certainly seems the case with spirulina grown in maintained farming conditions, then you are left with no argument against the underlying foodstuff itself.
  • AHwMama”, it seems to me, many of those issues with nori (I don’t see that spirulina is addressed) are avoidable by purchasing quality products from reputable companies. For sea vegetables, I would suggest either Maine Coast Sea Vegetables (http://w…
  • AHwM, you are painting with a rather broad brush, and it’s not a pretty picture. Do you have anything more specific with regard to sea vegetables and spirulina?
  • I used a spiralizer to great effect for a picnic lunch with Mom for Mother’s Day: http://www.zenpawn.com/vegblog/2007/05/14/mothe… She got a kick out of the long noodles, lifting them up in the air as though performing the magic trick where the colo…
    in spiral slicers Comment by zenpawn
  • Perhaps hazelnuts.
  • What concentrated sweeteners, if any, do you allow yourself, FleshMechanic?
  • jkd_soccer801, I believe what you are describing is Calorie Restriction with Optimum Nutrition (CRON): http://www.calorierestriction.org, although I would not use the term “overloading” as that has negative connotations.
  • Well, whereas the lightbulb in the oven kept the tempeh at a good 90 F, natto needs to be kept warmer. At the time I didn’t have a dehydrator, so I had to keep switching the oven on and off its lowest setting and monitoring it with a thermometer. So…
  • Tried to make it once, but was unsuccessful. I have made tempeh many a time though. Mmmmm… A thousand times better than the stuff in the stores. Anyway, you can get starters here: http://www.gemcultures.com/
  • I use my spiralizer to make a wonderful picnic lunch for Mother’s Day: http://www.zenpawn.com/vegblog/2007/05/14/mothe… Lots of fun. Do it up. :)
  • Over a year ago, I described my happy experience with the Health Master 100. It’s now basically dead. That’s the bad news. The good news is, they’re sending a new one based on the six year warranty. Just wanted to let you know, if you go to the old …
  • It’s been great. It passed my “kale litmus test”. That is, it creates a chunk-free green smoothie with ease.
  • I recently purchased Jack Lalanne’s HealthMaster 100 to replace my KitchenAid. The HM100 has the same max horsepower as a Vitamix at half the cost.
  • Wow, SocaL, even hard drugs don’t “deserve” to be regulated, let alone garlic, etc.. It is plain unConstitutional, our current system of regulation and prohibition. Sure, alcohol was obtainable, but Prohibition also created an extremely violent blac…
  • I agree the threat may be overblown, and certainly raw foodists stand the best chance of surviving restrictions on supplement use. On the other hand, I see this as a freedom of choice issue. All regulations and prohibitions on personal rights, shoul…
  • Spiritedmama, Perhaps you are recalling my post from the Living Without A Dehydrator thread earlier this month? http://www.goneraw.com/forums/2/topics/373 :)
  • An old blog entry describing my kimchi: http://www.zenpawn.com/vegblog/2006/05/08/kimchi/ Since then, I now use more raw apple cider vinegar to be safer, as I do not use salt. Whether you do similarly, is up to you after reading the additional resou…
    in Fermented foods.. Comment by zenpawn
  • When making fermented veggies (kimchi, sauerkraut), you want to use glass, not metal or plastic, both of which would be adversely affected by the lactic acids and may leach into your food. Mason jars work great.
    in Fermented foods.. Comment by zenpawn
  • 6 ounces of red per day for me.
    in wine Comment by zenpawn
  • at least 80% carbs, 10% or less of each protein and fat
  • Chipotle probably isn’t raw, seeing as it’s smoked jalapenos. But know you are not alone. ;)
  • Hehe. You made me smile, nthmost. Thanks.
  • Seems there are many among us human animals who do not require a blender to make so-called hard to digest greens palatable, nay, delicious, and assimilable. So, just that some prefer the silky texture and additional flavors obtained via blending up …
  • Same here, barose. Even before going raw, I’ve always liked raw, plain, kale and collard greens. They both make great wraps, and kale is really good as the base of a salad. And I still enjoy them to this day. :)