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  • you in in bad need of a recipe for this. crackers are the easiet things to make. after i have soaked whole flax seed i put them in the food processor with enough water to make a doughy batter….not wet not too dry.. and then wizzed them up with seaso…
  • you know i have had this happen too but it was when i was sampling the stuff. i didnt buy any of it but i wondered why the breads and stuff werent crunchy at all. maybe you can dehydrate the hell out of them and they will have a nice crunch. i would…
  • you NEED to get some Beano. its an enzyme that will allow you to digest the food. i get it at walmart pharmacy section. i dont know that it works for everyone but you should give it a try. you got nothin to lose !
  • dodo… thanks for your reply. some of them sprouted and some of them didnt. i would say about 60% sprouted and the rest didnt. but they were nice and plump and tasty so i kept them. i am trying to make some live granola so i am sprouting a bunch of t…
  • i think if you dont use cacao every day you need to introduce it to yourself slowly. maybe thats the reason you didnt feel good. i wouldnt give up on something you like unless you really find after slow attempts to introduce it to yourself…. that it…
  • In my opinion… i dont think that coffee has anything to do with it. i was having the same problem the last time i was raw. i just needed to eat loads of food. what i am planning to do now ( when i get back to raw next month) is to make sure i eat my…
  • Quiora …GREAT if your cashews sprouted. then your trader joes gets them from a good source. my trader joes does not and has even gone so far as to tell me the cashews were not REALLY raw. when i asked if any of the other ‘raw’ nuts were raw the empl…
  • i would not trust trader joes for raw nuts…their cashews are NOT raw. if they dont sprout then they are not raw and you DONT need long tails on nuts. i have never gotten any cashews from trader joes to sprout. i am very familiar with realrawfood. th…
  • just so you know…. if anyone is thinking about getting or replacing a vita-mix….. think about the vita prep 3. its a commercial model that has a 3 HP motor so it doesnt get hot. the motor doesnt run more than 2.5 HP but because its a 3HP motor it wo…
  • hey Cares … i am getting one too! why not? i think a vice would be great to open hard shelled nuts as well. the more tools the merrier!
  • someone i know actually uses a vice to open them. he drains the water and then puts the coconut into the vice and slowly starts to squeeze it. it cracks and then the meat pops out from the shell when the pressure builds up. its pretty cool. LOL
  • I have lived in the tropics and i use to get cacao pods off the trees and dry them in the sun and make my own raw chocolate nibs. YES they CAN be raw….it depends where you buy them. they dont have to be dried at a high heat to be chocolate. i know t…