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  • thank you !! :-) reosehebrew, i will try your melon seed milk ! and grashopper, that’s a fantastic idea, i was actually looking for some new inspiration recipe-wise… ;-) have the best day ever
  • thank you all, this does help a lot ! it’s really nice to be in touch with people in the same frame of mind… :o) all the best to you all !
    in detox?? Comment by galadriel
  • thanks evergreen, that’s exactly qhat i was looking for – and thanks everybody else for sharing !
  • I am new as well, and has been eating 100% for the past 5 days. Like you, experiencing a sick feeling throughout the day, and nt wanting to eat at all, and specially not coooked food actually. But I think it’s due to m green smoothie overdose (by wa…
  • to you kedamono and all those who suffer from eating disorder: i RELATE and i’m blessed enough to be in a 12-step recovery program, which is basically saving my life… OA is now my solution, and it brings so much more than what i could imagine. it’s …
  • thanks Winona, thats very helpful. would you advise to wash everyday with water only? or just a couple of times a week? at the mo, im always having them in a pony tail, loose hair is just unmanageable but i know its because its just the beginning… i…
  • Hi everyone, after having read this topic a few days ago i immediately started the no poo. i was already not washing my hair that often (about once a week), but now im on day 11 and it stats to get very oily on the roots but super dry on the lengths…