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  • I have been following a lot of these posts on 811, and I’m ready. I read the book, and am just starting to reread it…to be honest, I ‘m a little nervous about the first few days…but….I want this. I’ve been high fat mostly raw for about two years now…
  • thank you for posting this!! i know i am now going to smile every time I get the infamous, “where do you get your b12 from?”!!!! ;o)
  • i’ve been doing both over the last few weeks and its been great for me. green juice in the a.m….cucumber and celery, with spinach or other looses greens, kale, romaine…and a smoothie when i get home from work, some fruit and mixed greens. the juice …
  • Thanks for the heads up about the Trader Joe’s dates!! So disgusting…i will be more vigilant with them for sure with the dates.
    in Dates! Comment by timfksd
  • I love the Medjool dates I get from Trader Joe’s. I get a nice package for $3.99 last time I checked. Can’t remember the weight, but it is a nice amount….two or three (or ten!) of those at night really crazy that sweet tooth that sometimes kicks in……
    in Dates! Comment by timfksd
  • i was at the Hillcrest location last week and they told me the same thing, that to survive economically in Chula Vista, they added a few non raw items. The other locations are all 100% raw. The Hillcrest location was really nice for me….love the spi…
  • Maybe a huge batch of salsa? That’s easy enough, and you could doctor it up with any kind of spices, onion, garlic, fresh herbs, even add mangos and pineapples….and the best part, you could freeze a lot of it in small containers and just take out as…
    in Tomatoes Comment by timfksd
  • My food bill goes down when I’m really paying attention to what i’m spending. Problem usually is that I get so excited at the store about all the awesome fruits and veggies I get to eat that I spend more than i want to! Following a list helps me tho…
    in Cost of being raw? Comment by timfksd
  • Hi to all!! I’m Tim from San Diego. I started RAW about a year and a half ago and have really enjoyed the journey so far. I am looking forward to sharing experiences with you all and hearing tips, recipes, etc from everyone. Thanks!
    in Hello everyone! Comment by timfksd