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  • medicinal mushrooms like Red Reishi can feed beneficial bacteria in your body and that will help you get rid of bad bacteria. also they help your body build immunity. unbelievable immunity. tree mushrooms also have a decent amount of protein too. oh…
  • raw pumpkin pie! 1-3cups pumpkin 1-2 cups coconut meat 1/2-3/4c coconut oil pinch of sea salt 1/4-1/2c raw honey put all of this into a strong food processor or a vita mix and blend until smooth and creamy the crust 1-4cups soaked almonds 1-3cups so…
  • spices, cayenne for sure. and nuts. and make sure that you have warm clothes. try mustard powder and garlic in your salad dressings. ginger i also very good. just juice a little piece of ginger and dilute the ginger juice in warm water, maybe add ra…
  • we are all just going after sunlight. it is what keeps us alive. eating a raw vegan diet puts you closer to direct sunlight than trying to get the same amount of light out of animal products. even if the animal products are raw themselves. why is th…
  • so there is this company that sells kale chips, www.superherosnacks.com. They have 2 flavors without Nama Shoyu. Check them out.
  • this isnt exactly sweet and sour sauce but it is very close. you use 1-3tsp ground mustard powder,1/3c apple cider vinegar,1/4c raw honey,1/3c olive oil,1-3 cloves garlic and a dash of sea salt. this one could blow your mind. make sure to always use…