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  • lost my acne, asthma, excess weight. gained mental clarity, ability to control my ADHD (age helped as well, and maturing) and gained a TON of fitness. :)
  • case of bananas, 2 cases of papaya. usually about 9 cantaloupe (on sale for 3/5 lately) 5 packs of those 3.99 organic romaine lettuce - earthbound i believe?, 5 lbs of pears, 5 lbs of apples, 4 packs of celery, big box of dates. this is my diet for …
  • Eat well, sleep well, train vigorously.
  • These people aren't raw foodists, they're part of the 'raw community'. Meanwhile, those of us on 80/10/10 are eating nothing but RAW FOOD. To my knowledge, if you're not 811, you're not telling the truth about your raw diet. Those people fail becaus…
  • and I am revealed. wwwDOTfacebookDOTcom/positivekevin
  • 811 being extreme is laughable. In the way you are speaking about it, it is not. To our westernized minds, sure. There is nothing extreme about 811. This is the way you would eat in Nature, in our natural home, where fruit grows abundantly.
  • I've seen a lot of people blaming the fruit in this thread, "it just didn't work for me." Understandable, but things can always improve, move south, get more sunshine, stay hydrated. I have never seen this diet (811rv) fail for anyone that followed …
  • I always say, "If you're not 811rv, you're most likely not 100 percent raw vegan."
  • 811rv here. i also am a cook. I work at a restaurant. nice to meet you, even though my end goal is to get away from this.
  • The body isn't trying to figure out 'what the hell is going on.' The body knows, and is much smarter than anyone on this forum is led to believe. Foods do not heal the body. The body heals the body, given it's NATURAL foods, it will heal itself. A d…
    in No weight loss? Comment by the59sound
  • 12? we low fat raw vegans can eat 30 or more depending on our activity level :)
  • ethics. their health comes before mine, and it will always be like that. environmental reasons come next, and then comes health.
  • I eat most of the High GI foods as my staples (Watermelon, Dates, Bananas) and I feel fine. Also quite trim. :)
  • Welcome! Eat your fruit!
    in Hello Everyone Comment by the59sound
  • Glad to see you're getting off the pill! I refused to sleep with my significant other because she was on the stuff! (She's no longer ruining her great body, though) :D I recommend following the laws of the body, and let Natural Hygiene be your guide…
  • Where the heck would you sprout tofu in nature? :)
    in Sprouted Tofu Comment by the59sound
  • "The reason is that 99.99 % of the population is eating a high cooked diet." I think you mean American population, correct? Or the Western population.
    in Longevity Comment by the59sound
  • hahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaha. ok, now to the question. no idea, man. there are no long running studies of raw foodism like we'd like to have. for me, if you notice these people and tribes that live long lives, they normally consume the co…
    in Longevity Comment by the59sound
  • 23 grams of fat in one bar, and yet raw foodists wonder why they're failing on the raw diet. *Rolls eyes*
  • eat enough calories (fruit is recommended) so you do not binge on cooked foods. do not focus on the food, either. food is simply fuel. we must eat to live, not live to eat. the consequence of consuming cooked foods are not worth the indulgence, it n…
  • That is just terrible. Enjoy your mineral deficiencies.
    in One Meal A Day Comment by the59sound
  • Hell yeah! I gained 20 pounds when I became raw. Never had abs like I've had before, and never had arms and legs like I've had before. 20 pounds of muscle and probably some fat on there too, but still, I'm healthy!
  • not a homosexual but I sure do love them and would love to see "Gay and Lesbian Raw Foodists" instead of the "Raw Christians" thread up on the mainpage.
  • I treat myself with good, ripe fruit. I spend lots of time (which I do normally, anyway) cuddling with my girlfriend, and sometimes i'll just write about how I feel.
  • Well...raw food isn't so calorie dense. I don't know what you're eating that is so little, but I have to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables to become calorically satiated. Sometimes, when very hungry, I can manage 15 bananas. Most mornings I wake up…
    in Raw MEN Comment by the59sound
  • Just eat enough calories, so you don't go binging on cooked food. I struggled for a year with this, never knowing how to eat enough food. Then one day, I upped my banana smoothie of 6 bananas to 15 and since then, I've had cravings...but they're few…
  • I'd be broke but I use food stamps and all other State aid you could imagine. Gotta love the nanny state! Socialism rules.
  • eat when you're hungry, but also make sure you're getting enough - counting calories is essential for us raw foodists as it's sometimes challenging to get calories in when you're first starting. eating meals varies, as sometimes i'll even have 5 mea…