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  • Hi blizzful, I think you made a good decision, the vitamix 5000 is the best one, I have owned both the 5000 and the blendtec total blender. ** One important tip I learned though is that Vitamix does permanent “road shows” at every Costco location, t…
  • Hi sgmom2, This question has come up a few times on this forum. I wrote an exhaustive description comparing the two products on my blog/website for this reason. Just to summarize: - Vitamix has a 7 year warranty, Blendtec 3 year - Vitamix has the…
    in Blendtec vs vitamix Comment by aniken
  • Hi germin8, To respond to your points: If you buy the Vitamix at Costco you save 50 bucks, which makes it cheaper or the same price as the Blendtec. Also, I bought both like you and returned the Blendtec, the main reason is because it can’t handl…
  • I spent basically 3 months weighing the pros and cons of each of these two blenders. I purchased both and tried making smoothies with every type of whole, raw, and uncut type of food I could think of. Both are loud, the Blendtec looks nice, but the …