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  • Just don’t binge. Many people binge because they are so hungry. Eat simple. Smoothies and cut up veggies, sandwiches and even cut up fruit. Go light on the fruit for the first month.
  • I love my hamilton beach juicer! I got it for under $5.00 at our thrift shop and it works amazing.. I can’t imagine why the previous owner ever got rid of it!! I use it daily. My fav juice is 2 apples and 2 inches of celery stalk and mix with 1/2 cu…
    in Juicers? Comment by blondeblondy
  • My first month I lost 12lbs I ate simple. Then I got a dehydrator and started making cheesecake and cinnamon buns and brownies and oooh babies!! Can u scream NUTS. I love any kind of nut! So good!! But I gained 10lbs back! Even flax seeds and avoca…
  • Usually a raw diet is often strait vegan also. Some people choose to use unpasteurized milk and raw fish but it’s not vegan.
    in What is raw? Comment by blondeblondy
  • Mine: http://www.rawishott.blogspot.com
    in Raw Blogs Comment by blondeblondy
  • Food Dehydrator – Blender – Food processor – Hand held mixer – Juicer
  • I have had 2 breast lumps. You can read my before and after pictures and story at http://www.welikeitraw.com/rawfood/2007/09/jenn… It talks about the lumps and how raw helped me.
    in CANCER... Comment by blondeblondy
  • http://www.rawishott.blogspot.com