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  • Still having problems . . . any ideas? The oatmeal I use on my face seems to dry out that area, but sometimes it briefly helps the redness. I know it's not about what I'm eating, because no matter how I alter my diet the problem persists.
  • Thanks everyone! I tried the apple cider vinegar, and kept applying it repeatedly for a day or so. This made is really dry at first, but I could feel it tingling where the rest of my unblemished skin didn't react
  • I tried a herbal laxative but it didn't really do much
  • I just started the MC today ... I really wanted it to work, but I am giving up already. The salt water flush took me over an hour to drink and didn't help me 'flush' anything out whatsoever. I then drank two glasses of the lemonade mix and purged it…
  • 20, Ottawa, ON during the school year and Cape Breton, NS (Canada) in the summers.
  • I've been raw for only about a total of four months, and I have to say, I eat a lot more than that. If I'm on the go I can manage to eat a lot less, but if I'm at home or something I eat pretty often. I want to have more control over it, and begin t…
  • Thanks a lot you guys, I'll see if she'll pick up on any of this stuff. :) joannabanana, I know, I'd like her to be vegan too .. in her defense, she only eats meat once in awhile, and my dad is the cook of the family so sometimes she just makes the …
  • Definitely! :)
  • I've been having constipation problems too. Oddly enough I've been raw about 7 months total but it's not until recently that I started showing any signs of detoxification. I started adding 1 tbsp of psyillum seed husk to my quart of green smoothies …
  • rAWngish teechr .. oh wow .. I didn't realize there was any raw places in Ottawa at all! I've been to Herb & Spice, which is alright, if not expensive. There's also Market Organics, which used to be called The Natural Food Pantry. Are you from O…
  • Hi! I'm from Cape Breton, NS, but I spend most of the year away at school in Ottawa, ON. It's nice to see some Canadians on this site! It's definitely hard to find even any vegans or vegetarians around .. would love to find a raw restaurant but I'm …
  • Also, I gave up tea since going raw which I think I'm going to start again .. anyone else find that that does the trick? Green tea after my breakfast almost always seemed to set things in motion.
    in Bowel movements Comment by phantasma
  • superfood2, I'm eating mostly the same kind of fruits and veggies as I was when I was on a cooked diet and 'going' all the time. I eat apples, oranges, peaches, pears, bananas, blueberries, strawberries, kiwi, tomatoes, spinach, kale, zucchini, and …
    in Bowel movements Comment by phantasma
  • I'm having the opposite problem! I used to be able to go 1 to 3 times a day, and there would be a lot at once. Since I've been raw (only just over 2 weeks), I go less and less and when I do much less comes out. I guess it makes sense because I've be…
    in Bowel movements Comment by phantasma
  • 19 years!
    in How old are you? Comment by phantasma
  • Cape Breton Island, NS, Canada! :)