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  • Avocados are great but expensive and high in fat...i already eat at least one a day.
  • I LOVE bloody marys! I was thinking about making a virgin bloody mary green juice. I was going to use horseradish, dino kale, tomatoes, cucumber, lemon juice, lime juice, a few olives, zucchini, jalapeno, celery, and peppers, and salt. I think it wi…
    in Bloody Mary soup Comment by Sypita
  • Hey Lux! Small world indeed! Yeah that was me...dancing up a storm, misbehaving and whatnot... I think I recognize you as well, SUCH a fun wedding. I work for Nathan...Love it! If you ever want to hang....go swimming, eat at Daily Juice, create some…
  • Tulsi - what are good herbs to take for your skin/breakouts? I've heard burdock root is good but have no idea how to use it. Any suggestions?
  • Lux - I used to belong to a CSA back in MASS and have been wanting to join one here in Austin. It is a bit more challenging as I don't have a car (only bike) and the ones that deliver have a year long waiting list. They are suburb though. I'm still …
  • Oh I wish I could have a garden...I don't exactly have a green thumb. I have two plants, a ficus which is dead and a cactus which is low maintenence. I'm a bad plant mom. But I would love to learn more and grow my own food. Perhaps when I get a yard…
  • $25 dollars a week! WOW!!! that is amazing. I spend about 100 at least.....I eat a LOT. How exactly do you pull that off?
  • This is truly great! Excellent discussion!!! And kinda reinforces what I was looking for. I prefer to rely on whole foods nutrition but was worried that maybe I was missing out on some deep dark secrets. I'm happy with large salads the size of my si…
  • Oh yelp.com. check it out. it is pretty self explanatory just reviews and whatnot for different cities.
    in KARYN'S RAW Comment by Sypita
  • Soooo disappointing to hear. I work in the service industry and understand that sometimes if you haven't worked in a restaurant before you can misread a servers intentions. But if you you truly have had a terrible experience than put this up on yelp…
    in KARYN'S RAW Comment by Sypita
  • It seems that you are feeling a lot of anger and failure around your food choices, that's not why we do this. We are not eating raw to punish ourselves and keep ourselves from eating things we truly desire. ..it is not a DIET. It is a choice every d…
  • Danifon....Daily Juice opened up a raw food cafe and it is spectacular! The Avacado Cesear, and Texicali Tacos are the bomb!!! It is on 45th and Duval in Hyde Park! Great chocolates too and food to grab and go in their cold case! Of course they offe…
  • I agree with Mikfizzle and Johanabanana. I was a hummus addict! and still eat it sometimes, if I am spending the night alone (it gives me crazy gas) I miss the 2am tacos ( i live in Austin) but all in all if I want something not raw I'll have it. Ju…
  • I know I should soak my seeds and nuts and if they are going into a recipe i will, but I also like to eat them as a snack. I just can't eat them soaked on their own...too mushy/slimy/and soft. Not crunchy and satisfying. I don't have a dehydrator, i…
    in My spiralizer... Comment by Sypita
  • Great thread! I just received my spirilizer in the mail but have yet to bust it out. I'll probably start with zucchini pasta, but would love other sauce/noodle recipes. Awesome!
    in My spiralizer... Comment by Sypita
  • It seems that you are compensating by eating less during the day to justify the dessert at night. Like you are anticipating that you will eat the pudding even before you may actually WANT the pudding. All in all if you were to say use the avocado on…
  • sure do! represent yo!
    in Nuts and Seeds Comment by Sypita
  • Hey Lu! Yeah that is usually my approach to eating...listen to my body, my likes and dislikes, and eat what feels right. I believe that trusting your body will inevitably lead you in the right direction. Thanks for the reminder! Tahini is my love as…
    in Nuts and Seeds Comment by Sypita
  • Oh yes yes yes...love avacado and coconut. But I am asking specifically about nuts vs seeds.
    in Nuts and Seeds Comment by Sypita
  • i'm in the lovely city of Austin TX!
    in Yo Comment by Sypita
  • Come to Austin :) You can check out Daily Juice! Borboleta Living Foods Cafe, The Whole Foods Market Flagship Store, Wheatsville Coop, lounge in the sun at Barton Springs, run or Bike along town lake, watch a move at the Alamo Draft House, (not raw …
    in PurelyRaw USA Tour Comment by Sypita
  • Do you use it topically or take a capsule?
    in MSM Comment by Sypita
  • I've heard that MSM is beneficial for your skin as well...anyone here have experience with this?
    in MSM Comment by Sypita
  • Yes...i'm really glad this thread is was started. I drink socially quite a bit. I'm a whiskey girl, on the rocks. But I have noticed that I do drink less now that I am raw, and I need a lot more water to stave off hangovers. I drink because i enjoy …
    in Alcohol Comment by Sypita
  • Yup...i am more than happy to host the first one when i move into my new place by the pedicab shop. Sometime at the end of july.
  • It is called Borborleta (it think that is how you spell it.) On West 6th street. And a place called Beets is opening up on west 5th street in July! But my heart belongs to Daily Juice. Lets Austinites hang out sometime soon!
  • I'm originally from boston...lived in Miami, and San francisco... Now living in Austin and loving it!!!