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  • Hi everyone! Thanks for commenting and for the ideas. I went to the doctor yesterday to get some testing done. I got a full panel done, but I also requsted a Lyme disease test. I have been considering that for a while and it's totally possible. I ha…
  • Hi.. I just wrote a REALLY long post. I'm kinda going through what you are going through. I have been sick for a while and I'm considering detox. Maybe what you and I are going through is cleansing from years of being unhealthy? I'm not sure. Hopefu…
  • Hi! I would check into Juice Feasting www.juicefeasting.com I'm also a little larger than you 120lbs at 5'7 and I was concerned about losing weight on a fast. A juice feast is slightly different in that you drink a gallon of juice a day....especiall…
  • Read- THE POWER OF NOW, by: Eckhart Tolle or listen to this book on tape if you aren't a big reader. I think it will give you comfort with your faith and give you ideas about GOD that maybe you haven't considered. I questioned all organized religion…
  • Thank you everyone who commented. The support helps me so much! Genesisone29- I've had health problems my whole life. I ate HORRIBLY growing up: junk food, candy, soda, nothing green and very little fruit. It's amazing that my body was able to deal …
  • Thank u! I can't wait!...especially for more glowing skin. I've already stopped wearing makeup (other than a little mascara) because my complexion is getting better.
  • Thank you everyone for commenting.. Mysterie - it's so encouraging to hear of someone else that is going through the same process that I am. I also have cut my drinking waaaay down to once or twice a month. I think eventually I won't drink at all. I…
  • I agree with all of you. I would much rather have loose stools than constipation and I'm glad to hear that what I'm having is normal. Most of my life my stools were very irregular and I would go a couple days without going. Now I go in the morning a…
  • Over the last couple years it's been a roller coaster for me and coffee. I LOVE coffee, but it doesn't love me. It makes me spacy and shaky and super lightheaded. It hasn't always done that, but as I've become more aware of my body, I've become more…
  • Joseph, OR..small town at the end of the road in northeastern-Oregon.