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  • Help! Progesterone Deficient & Excess Estrogen

    Hello all-

    So I posted a few months ago regarding my sore breasts, wondering if it was because my hormones were out of whack. I didn't get much response and didn't find much online about it...lots of info on menopause, but I'm 30 so I really don't think I'm in pre-menopause stages.

    Anywho, I hadn't thought much about it. Figured I would keep working on my health and that the issues would go away. Well they haven't and they have actually gotten worse.

    My husband and I want to start trying to get pregnant so I've been charting my cycles and wow I've found out a lot!

    From my symptoms I've discovered from charting, I think I may have a progesterone deficiency, excess estrogen and a cortisol deficiency.

    Here are my symptoms:


    brain fog

    tension headaches and neck stiffness (worse the week before my period)

    breast tenderness (2 weeks before my period-it's 1/2 my cycle!)


    Psycho emotions: irritability, anxiety, anger, tearfulness, panicky feelings & agitation. And it's not minor..were talking debilitating emotions that affect my whole life.



    bloating & hand and food swelling

    facial skin discoloration

    bad cramping and heavy periods

    Most of these symptoms start the week before my period, but by charting I've noticed that I have 1 good week a month where I feel really great and normal. Only ONE! That's ridiculous.

    A little history:

    I go anywhere from 50%-99% raw depending on the time of year and such. During the winter I do tend to eat more cooked food although I do strive to eat 100%.

    I was on birth control pills for 10 years from the age of 16-26. I had HORRIBLE, irregular periods when I was younger so I got on the pill to regulate myself. I also think it's important to mention that I grew up on a SAD diet.

    I got off the pill when my husband and I got married because he was "fixed" (he's had a reverse vasectomy now) =) Shortly after we got married, I started having health issues-Many of the symptoms mentioned above.

    I started researching and a few years later I went vegan and then mostly raw.

    The big question I'm asking myself is this- could many of the health issues that have been plaguing me for years be because my hormones have been wacky since I got off the pill? I've realized that my health started to really decline after getting off the pill and I'm wondering if all along, I've been having problems leveling out.

    it's been 5 years since I've been off the pill so I figured that hormones couldn't be an issue, but after charting I know I'm totally out of whack!

    I try to eat a well rounded diet. Organic as often as I can. I grow my own garden 1/2 the year. Eat lots of seaweeds. Have bee pollen, spirulina, chlorella on a regular basis. I have 2-3 liters of green smoothies/green juices daily.

    I've read on other posts that bitter weeds can help and I'm going to try that.

    Does anyone else have suggestions? Has anyone else experienced this?

    I've actually made a call into a mid-wife that I want to use if I ever get pregnant because she is experienced with hormones and natural remedies.

    Otherwise, I'm at a loss. I feel like I'm doing all the right things to get better.

    Thanks so much-