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  • I stock up on macadamia nuts (and all kinds of other nuts for that matter) at my local Whole Foods store. Check out their (or your local health foods store's) bulk aisle! Mac. nuts are one of the most expensive nuts though - I think at Whole Foods t…
  • Wow - that sounds rather amazing :) --- the retreat, that is, not the cooked foods :p
  • I have an aloe plant behind my bed which I rub on my face some mornings. My friend Suz has some information along with an Aloe Smoothie recipe at: http://2parallellines.blogspot.com/2009/01/thirsty-drink-some-aloe-vera.html
    in aloe?? Comment by ZenForest
  • I spend around $200-230 weekly on food (yikes!). This is for two people. This is why I am so focused on growing our food this year! I've been reading permaculture books since last winter~ I'm ready to do this! :p
  • I didn't know that - thank you! Typically, when I start a soup - I go about doing other things and end up back to the pot about 3 hours later. I keep the stove dial on "2" so not very high temp at all. But I have to say - it is nice on cold evenings…
  • I love raw foods and would be entirely 100% except for: warm miso soups (which I cook at 175 degrees for 3 hours), kefir, and circumstances I run into. I live in a very rural place, the nearest (healthy) grocery store is an hour away so for example …
  • Oh I was just in Indiana this morning! :) Crossed the bridge from Carrollton, KY over to Madison, IN. Lovely little town. Enjoyed artichokes and a salad at a little French Bistro there and learned of a Folk Festival they have coming up soon! Very ch…
  • Greetings all :) Situated in my cozy home at Zen Forest in rural northern Kentucky :) www.zenforestliving.blogspot.com