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What State/Country are you in?



  • I'm from Ohio but live in the Bahamas. Also new to the site and raw food.

  • I joined a while ago but wanted to say Hi to all Raw Foodies! I reside in Saint Louis, Missouri...

  • Ottawa, ON

  • susan121susan121 Raw Newbie

    south Florida now... by way of Portland,OR... so of course I'm loving the weather again (originally from FL)

  • Kansas City, Missouri, USA

  • Phoenix, AZ.

  • Phoenix, AZ.

  • Phoenix, AZ.

  • Hi there, I'm in Sydney Australia... Going as much organic raw as I can for my step daughter who has Juvenile Arthritis, so any advice out there will be appreciated!!


  • West Texas, USA!

  • Phoenix, AZ

  • Naperville, IL

  • Dayton, Ohio

  • Dayton, Ohio

  • Hi, What part of Dayton do you live? I actually live in Fairborn and I'm new to Raw Foods, but loving it so far.

  • Greetings all :)

    Situated in my cozy home at Zen Forest in rural northern Kentucky :)


  • Oh I was just in Indiana this morning! :) Crossed the bridge from Carrollton, KY over to Madison, IN. Lovely little town. Enjoyed artichokes and a salad at a little French Bistro there and learned of a Folk Festival they have coming up soon! Very charming little town with backstreets and hidden little bookshops I could get lost in :)

  • I live in Missouri. I grew up on the Oregon coast then lived in the Seattle area for several years before moving here in 2004.

  • New Haven, Connecticut, United States. Any other Connecticut residents poking around on here?

    I've been transitioning to raw over the past year, and eat only raw whenever possible, so 99% of the time so far. Doing great! Just ran a 50 mile footrace on Sunday (did eat some cooked whole foods that day). My legs are already recovered, I'm ready to go!

  • ajcajc Raw Newbie


    Have been a member here nearly four years.

  • dblvsgrgdblvsgrg Raw Newbie

    Silverton, OR USA...originally from Portland, OR

  • Hi Every one I live near Albany, Western Australia, Australia

    I am returning to a raw diet after drinking and smoking my way through life for the last few years.

    Looking forward to sharing



  • Elizabeth, Colorado Started with Esselstyns' "Nothing with a face" over a year ago for heart health reasons. Have been 95% raw now since July (I indulge in "bad food" occasionally and thoroughly enjoy it!). My only problem is learning how to eat all over again! I flipped the breaker off on my oven/stove and now have a beautiful cutting board I'd been saving for years that just covers the top of the stove. Got a Vitamix a couple months ago (what a fantastic piece of equipment!) and just added a mandolin and spiralizer. Unbelievable how many times in a day I use them. I'm on a fast learning curve, but sure finding out the more I learn the less I seem to know! I have found so MANY good recipes here, Thank you !!!

  • amzamz

    Hi Im not raw yet but seriously considering it. Im from New Zealand.

  • Hello! I am from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA!

    I have been a gluten free vegan for over a year and have now gone raw!

    It is amazing how fresh food tastes when it is prepared raw :)

  • We are in San Diego, CA :)

  • Hawai'i Nei

  • Nebraska! :-)

  • san jose, costa rica

    origionally from Chicago

  • New South Wales, Australia :-)

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