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  • Thanks!! This has been so helpful-- now a question... are there any secrets to finding this stuff inexpensively? I have a co-op and a Whole Foods relatively nearby... I could probably find the asian market with a little research. Are things usually …
  • Ahhh *water*!! Great point... I should definitely hydrate more, too!
  • Correct me if I'm wrong, anyone, but on raw food (from what I've experienced-- I've been in-and-out transitioning for about a year now....finally going 100% after this last week of cleansing) you're not going to feel like you're "starving." I was re…
  • In a similar vein, I love LOVE garlic! I will eat it just with some avocado and tomato (sorry, I know you said no tomatoes... just sharing) alternating bites of everything. My question is, are the social consequences of eating raw garlic at all prev…
  • May I ask out of curiosity why you are nixing these various items?
  • great point, Grace-- I'll keep that in mind.. I'm just so new to all of this, that it's a little intimidating, just how inspired/inspiring all these people seem! Also, figuring out all the raw food must be time consuming.
    in Raw Chef-ism Comment by racy_n_raw
  • thanks, that's great to know!!
  • I'm so excited for you!!! Let me know how it goes! Do you have any questions? I would definitely get Stanley Burroughs' book and read it... I've modified the formula a little bit, if you're curious. Otherwise, good luck, babe! =D
  • I just wanted to add that for years I've had trouble becoming regular on my period (It runs in the family, and plus, I'm apparently I'm not "at the age" where it typically becomes regular, as said by the other women in my family)... And so, I read a…
  • Currently, I'm on my 7-day mark of the Master Cleanse, which is another cleanse you might try for acne... I've never heard of Dr. Jubb's, but I know the Master Cleanse... It detoxes your entire body. One may go on the cleanse from 3-40 days... I'm n…