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  • brown rice with wakame salad and nori all rolled together, believe it or not. oh and homemade refried beans instead of the wakame salad is good too.
  • Yeah, I sleep a lot less these days, and i’m not even close to 100% raw. I think it’s because i eat fewer oils than I used to, though I try to eat some almonds, pepitas, flaxseeds regularly. I’m approaching 5-6 hours sleep a night these days. At fir…
  • I drink a Stash organic green tea (gunpowder) and rooibos and yerba mate sometimes.
  • Sedona, the info on wheatgrass is really intriguing. Thanks for the info!
  • I agree with ShannonM for what it’s worth.
  • i do what pianissima does. i have an old oster blender and blend the soft stuff (fruits) first with some water. Then I tear up some kale leaves and throw that in and blend until done. works great. costs practically nothing.
  • When I look at most of the raw recipes here and elsewhere, I don’t even bother to try them because they’re usually mostly nuts or dehydrated. I don’t really even cook these days. I make green smoothies and eat a tablespoon of pepitas, flaxseeds or a…
  • I’m in Los Angeles (also in OC). Oh man, being raw in LA is pretty easy. Korean and Mexican markets generally have cheap produce. I can get small organic fuji apples from the korean market for $2.99 a bag (I think that’s 3 lbs? I forget). I don’t bu…
  • I’m only two months into eating raw and I’m only doing about 40-50% right now. The easiest stuff is just to eat an apple or something. Or a handful of nuts/seeds. Not sexy, but it’s really easy. I am personally going to stick with a blender and not …
  • I don’t dehydrate. I only do 50% raw. I mostly make green smoothies in a crappy old Oster blender. I love these smoothies. I also eat raw almonds (trader joes) and raw pepitas (trader joes). Oh and whatever fruit is cheap. I do eat cooked food as we…
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  • I love kale. I eat a little every day in my green smoothie. I know I should vary my greens and I do…but kale is my favorite.
  • last year in law school, going into patent law.