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  • i think you might be soaking them a bit to long? im not 100% sure though
    in soaked nuts=gross Comment by spekgirl
  • AVL ................. i hear you NIGHT S ARE THE WORST i always seems to want to keep eating after dinner @ night some night i sit on my bed and eat for 2 hours non stop..... its been going on for a while i dont know why i have treid eating more dur…
  • i dont know if anyone eles feels like this but i just want my mind to stop to stop thinking my thoughts of food consume me its not living like 24/7 i dont know i just wish that i could get away from my own mind but i cant and i find no matter how mu…
  • wow i relate so much to everything that is being said..... i get sooooo anxious about food and if im near my "fear food" i overeat it and then feel so horrible and dirty that i exercise like crazy. i also think that i try to eat raw an perfect to BE…
  • oh cool im kylie mullinger
  • ty just wondering do you use facebook? haha i find i know alot of ppl i meet on other site that i talk with on FB :)
  • im in i have had anorexia for 12 years and im on tube feeding from home.... i want to learn to eat right and love my body. i have been in hositlal 7 times and i am a Christian...... i really want to overcome this and be happy and healthy and show ot…
  • thank you i might check it out xxxxx
  • sorry what is EFT?
  • oh man im sorry for my silly questions i do know that is not the best thing to eat but right now im so confused i dont know what is healthy ne more and i have been doing the 80 10 10 diet and not feeling well on it so im stressed :(
  • thank you guys so much and its true after having a eating disorder for 12 years i NEED to enjoy what im eating and have a few things i like without thinking im poising myself. thanks juice i just need some more protein in my diet and more good fats …
  • what about prawns? (cooked ofcause) is the pollutition the same for all foods?
  • im trying to atchieve optimal health really and clean natural eating......... i dont do well on high fruit and i cant maintain health on just greens so im not to sure what to do and i like to be fairly low fat so yer im really confued
  • okay i think i going to have cooked like why are they so bad for you just because there not raw i mean they are beans for crying out loud we cannot be perfect we are allowed to eat a little bit of cooked foods right?
  • i think i need to include just one cup of cooked legumes everything eles will be raw but i feel my body needs this
  • yer i eat bok choy and all different types of lettuce but ill be honest im not to sure about this diet its very hard and i dont know if i do feel to great on it : / still not to sure
  • yer i do but i food procss it so it s nice and mixed with all eles i do agree not the nicest tasting on its own.
  • spinach is a green! and i have lettuce alot too and bok choy!
  • there are teams? well i am trying to do 811 but its not a one diet for one body..... i have had anorexia very severly for 12 years and DO need something a little more then just fruits and vgetables. thanks you fortune ..... i might try some nuts the…
  • superfood2 could i do pepper and tom with berries and oranges?
  • so maybe just dont eat the cabbage i might try that and see thank you :)
  • thanks avl how do you know if something "bothers" you? so do you think it will be okay to eat fruit with my salads? fruit with cabbage and mushrooms and zucchini?
  • can anyone please tell me what vegetables i can eat freely with fruit i always like to have a salad with fruit for breakfast and dinner and i want to make sure that they combind well. right now im having mushrooms,cucumber,celery,red pepper,tomato a…
  • thanks i dont know if 811 is for me has anyone tried it and its worked?
  • thanks im not really sure what diet is right you know there are SO many out there and i just kinda get stressed i love raw vegan i will always be but to be honest i felt a bit better eating a little bit of fish when i was in transition mode. but i w…
  • mandarines and fresh berries
  • WOW you guys like (((((((((((HUGS)))))))))) GOD BLESS YOUR HEARTS!!! DANCIN:thank you so much for telling me that because i have been eating 80/10/10 for just over 2 weeks now and ive put on alot of weight very fast!!! now i know why! do you mind if…
  • dancin thank you so much for that i need God to just show me something simple and easy that i can eat so i can stop worring and changing and ect. do you eat raw? is it working? i just want ONE way of eating that i can do it and leave it be just live…
  • yes i agree with yu both i do not go near soy i used to eat so much of it tofu / soymilk / ect but now i dont i too have herd to many bad things to justify the "good" things!!!! with eat to live i just replace the soy with red beans or chickpeas :) …
  • oh thank you so much im going to have a read of it! i have a question....... i have dried beans can i just soak them overnite and eat them? making them still raw? have you herd of the EAT TO LIVE diet? i m thinking of giving this one a go it sounds …