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Ashton J
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  • If it's the sodium that you love, you could easily make a guac with plenty of salt in it. Or something else. I attempted to eat some Wasabi sauce and it ended up burning my tongue, it felt like I was licking acid. : |
  • This would be like a normal day for me. I'm at the point where I'm pretty sure everyone is crazy ( but me, of course, haha ). The best thing you can do is accept it ( her psychotic-ness-ness ) and move on, feeding into her craziness is only draining…
  • I think the floating parts are just what's left of the outer shell. ( Random & Senseless Babbling ) One time I was eating raw sunflower seeds outside, and I dropped one onto a wet paper towel, I forgot it was there. When I came back it had a lon…
  • I haven't tried anything mentioned on this page, including the persimmon. New summer goals!
    in ~A Day Of Firsts~ Comment by Ashton J
  • I have virtually no access to organic coconuts, =\.
  • waterbaby ~ Yep, [ ; .
  • Freshman year of high school last year I was 240 pounds (i know its more, i used to lie to myself), and I wore size 42 pants. I'm fluctuate between 145 - 150 at times, and i wear size 30 pants.
  • http://www.therawtarian.com/community/f/discussion/9867/why-are-so-many-on-this-site-afraid-of-fruit
    in Fruit Comment by Ashton J
  • I co-sign with the poop. For the past week I've been High Raw. Not quite "100%". My chronic constipation has seemingly subsided.
  • Yes, I do have aim: Ce Jay 20 05 (I'll add you, anyone else can bother me if they want, ;].)
  • Hi Kelly, This summer (August 20) will be my first complete year of being a Vegan. The initial transition was very easy for me, as I've only been eating meat since I was 7 (I'm 16). I only started eating meat because my doctor pressured my father in…