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  • Thank you powerlifer and superfood2! Its weird that I feel like I need advice on this since I've been into raw foods for two and a half years, but sometimes we fall asleep and need reminders from friends :-)
  • I don't think that the body can produce more telomerase, but I do know that stress can cause telomerases to disintegrate causing DNA strands to start to unravel, which leads to rapid aging. The good thing is stress reduction can effectively cause th…
    in Telomerase Comment by raw_swede
  • Hey there kiwi! First of all I really think that you need to take a second and celebrate the fact that you are taking this step! So often do we look down upon ourselves that we forget to give praise where praise is due. I think that a lot of people …
    in HELP ME ! Comment by raw_swede
  • I just read somewhere that gold is supposed to have some healing properties, but I can't find a good source yet.
  • Excalibur. So worth it! You'll thank yourself later for buying one :-)
  • Hey kimmy, Good for you for taking a leap into the world of raw veganism for your health! During your transition period you'll experience a lot of things that you weren't necessarily expecting or desiring, such as gaining weight. This could be becau…
    in GAINING WEIGHT!! Comment by raw_swede
  • I agree with everyone. I really don't like how they blamed raw food and veganism. I think we live in such a backwards society when healthy diets receive all the blame for a new eating disorder. I think they should have asked why she was so concerned…
  • Thank you everyone for your kind words and sharing your own personal experiences. I am working with my food counselor to get to the root of my eating disorder and rebuild a healthier mindset, but the start of this journey is really difficult and pai…
    in Emotional moment Comment by raw_swede
  • Thank you Lovin', I know I'm beautiful for who I am and its not so much society that judges me, but me myself. I'm just frustrated because I want to get out of my "fat" jeans and into my "skinny" jeans... My picture is from last summer where I weigh…
    in Emotional moment Comment by raw_swede
  • Good that you are taking a break from the junk food! Sounds to me that your body is screaming for good food and nutrition! I wouldn't go on a juice fast right away. I would focus on adding in good stuff into your diet and crowding out all the bad st…
  • Thanks everyone! I really appreciate all of your comments... This is proving to be a very interesting topic I would say :-) Here's my own response, in case any of you are wondering why I posted this forum: 1. Wanted to abstain for all of 2010, but h…
  • Thanks for all the posts! The issues with family are getting easier to deal with. My type-A family did freak out when I went vegetarian at 17 and then vegan at 21 because I think it made them question their own diets and health and such, and I guess…
  • Thank you all for your advice and support. I guess I just have to learn out to zone out their chatter and stick with my guns. Luckily I at least have a super supportive boyfriend!
  • I would visit an Oriental medicine practitioner, an acupuncturist or a naprapath. I bet they could find a less invasive solution to your arthritis than anti-inflammatory drugs. As you become more and more clean internally from the raw foods, you'll …
  • Thank you all so much for the advice and articles! I just bought an Excalibur dehydrator online and I can't wait to try it with all these warming recipes :-)
  • What is "high-raw?"
  • Thanks for the advice everyone!!
  • 23's the way to be!
    in How old are you? Comment by raw_swede