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  • when i was reading up on oil pulling, many people claimed that it helped whiten their teeth. i tried it for a while but couldn’t make it past the two week mark… my teeth did feel nice and clean after i did it, though! people claim that it helps with…
  • i’ve been doing some H2O2 research today, and i found this website: http://educate-yourself.org/cancer/benefitsofhy… i’m not sure how reliable the information on it is, but if it’s true, it’s awfully interesting. it makes sense to me, but i don’t fo…
  • i don’t know much about the company, but bonterra wines are organic and i have had the cab, the merlot, and the chardonnay, and i was pretty pleased with them for what they cost. i found them at sam’s club, but i think i’ve seen them other places as…
    in Organic Wine Comment by kt0thetizzle
  • hii… i’m also here in arkansas (up in fayetteville). we have a co-op up here, ozark natural foods, but a lot of their produce can be quite pricey. i find that our sam’s club here usually has a consistent supply of organic baby spinach, strawberries,…
  • hi! just today i had to look up uti remedies. earlier i drank an entire 32 ounce bottle of just cranberry juice, but it didn’t provide immediate relief for the painful urination, so i went online and found the vinegar bracer remedy. since around 2:0…