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  • Mushrooms and rotten eggs burps

    Activated charcoal is also good.

  • Low income raw living?

    Some pf the farmers have CSA's that folks don't show up to pick up at the farmers markets... they then let them go at a lower price... 

    Also the Asian markets cost a lot less ... 

  • Going Back To Raw

    Have you tried not eating carbs? (Potatoes... etc..) When I eat carbs and starchies I get the worse acid reflux.... So either proper food combining or not eating carbs for me. When I am raw I don't have these problems either.

    When was the last time you did a parasite cleanse? Some of the symptoms you describe may be related to parasites or candida.

    Any cravings for sugars, yeasty breads, alcohol, fried foods? Bloating, diarrhea are symptoms ... 

    I am trying to learn inexpensive ways to do raw foods. I think somebody wrote a book on raw for folks on SNAP...


    I like the recipe for Coconut Mylk ... that is fairly inexpensive. Also the Breakfast bowl with the shredded apple topped with any fruits... is fairly filling ... and could work for everyone. The shredded apple with Chia and cinnamon could be made in bulk .... then top with coconut mylk and toppings... 

    Salads in a jar with that raw falafel ... seems pretty inexpensive...psyllium, flax, cucumber, sunflower seed .. 

  • Long-distance BackPacking RAW

    Thank you Angie2 ... still contemplating ... so any suggestions would be awesome! 

  • Phlegm/mucus reaction after eating fruit or salad

    Hello there Jessee!


    Look to the principles of food combining to r & D the issue.


    Only eat fruit on an empty stomach and do not mix with anything else.

    Wait an hour after eating fruit before eating anything else.

    Wait 8 hours after eating non-fruit before eating fruit.


    Try several days of just fruit. Try several days of no fruit.

    Mucus could be natural detox ...


    For constipation ... eat no whole foods ... just live foods for several days... The Rawtarian Smoothie Cleanse sounds good.


    If there are still digestion and constipation issues, also bloating, runny stools, carving for fatty, sugary, yeasty fried things or alcohol...

    low-level fever or feeling run down ...


    Consider a parasite cleanse.

    I hope that helps ... let us know the outcome...