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  • New, eating disordered & in need of help

    Hello Kari!  I’m not sure if your question regarding teaming up with someone for support has been answered, and it could be as a result of your entire statement.  Since most of us here are food lovers, we can only relate to the binge eating part of your current unhealthy conditions.  As far as anorexia, I suppose “fasting” comes closest to it, except they do not call it “starvation” and that’s probably because people who fast are doing it for health reasons and only temporary, going back to eating at some point, while those suffering from anorexia keep on starving themselves well beyond what’s considered “safe” for the body.  From what I heard so far, not eating slows down the body’s metabolism, causing the double weight gain and other issues. (you probably know all this).

    Furthermore, you have not shared your specific weight and height, the two key factors in determining someone’s standard healthy weight.  While I’m sure everyone appreciated your honesty regarding your severe ailments, I personally think you would not benefit from pairing up with someone to keep you motivated to eat or eat healthy.  With the utmost sincerity, I think you would greatly benefit from either one of The Rawtarian’s apps, especially the one where Laura-Jane herself is your daily mentor and provides you with meal plans and/or suggestions.  If you end up “cheating,” you won’t upset anybody but yourself, which should be plenty motivational on its own to make you want to jump right back into your healthy eating habits.  (I had a friend in my teens with all three of your ailments just like you, and I’m familiar with how much you’re suffering.).

    So I urge you to try any of the recipes you will find on this site that most appeal to you, and I’m certain you will be so amazed and even question if it’s actually good for you, and that, rest assured, it is.  Do this one recipe at a time and you will regain overall health as well as maintain your ideal weight without harming your body or ever feeling guilty about eating desserts or any food in the raw form.  I know you can do this, the power is in your hands.  Still not convinced?  Read about the nutritional value of anything you eat.  No one can do this but yourself, in your own free time and at your own pace.  

    Wishing you well and good luck, and hopefully you will keep us posted in the future on your progress!

  • what should we do to avoid heart disease?

    Hi there, healthyguy1,

    i’ll attempt to answer your question to the best of my ability and common sense knowledge, meaning, I am not an “expert”-anything.  

    First, you are not responsible for anyone’s health but your own, and same goes for your grandfather, but both of you should steer clear of any fried foods, refined sugars, (which is everywhere except in fresh fruit - fresh fruit contain natural sugars which are good for you), stay away from animal products, including poultry and fish.  And just when you think there will be nothing left for you to eat, do not despair, you’re on the right track (from a healthy standpoint) if you’re here on The Rawtarian site, which is jampacked with hundreds of heart healthy easy to make recipes I know for a fact you’ll enjoy. You should also incorporate daily light exercise into your routine, something as simple as 30 min walking will work wonders for your overall health and not just your heart.  If it’s too cold out, put on a hat and gloves and hit the road, rain or shine.  Listen to the ques your own body is giving you as opposed to waiting to see what “experts” have to say. Your own body IS the expert, listen to it, it talks to you all day long or provides you best tips on what you should or should not be doing.  

    If you don’t know how to listen to your own body, you do it everyday without knowing it, for example, every time you feel a craving or hunger kicks in, that’s your body talking to you;  anytime you feel sleepy, that’s your body talking to you saying “I need rest,” etc. Hopefully I’ve answered your question.  Good luck!



  • Food combining

    Hi, Gretchen.  I was just researching food combining a few hours ago, and it’s a complex subject for me as there are food charts to follow, and days to weeks to months of specific food combinations in order to see or feel results. The article was long and the only thing I recall from my reading is to always eat fresh fruit on an empty stomach and never at the end of a larger meal... something to do with fermentation.  Most of it made sense but it seemed too restrictive for my taste, so i’ll have to research it in more depth later on.

    So if you have a food combining chart (and you can download one for free from the internet) and you feel like making a raw dish, look at the ingredients portion of the recipe and look at the chart, see if you can remove, add, replace any ingredient first; if not, then don’t make it if you feel it would be harmful to your digestive system, which seems to love simplicity according to experts. And, hey, if all else fails, just eat raw fruit all day everyday for fastest results in your overall health.  

    Remember, the liver is the most important organ of the human digestive system, so you can narrow down your own research to studying everything about the liver first, and I believe you’ll have a better understanding of food combinations thereafter.  Same goes for me, but at this time my brain is overwhelmed by research and information, so I indulge in any raw recipe I feel like making and snack on almonds dipped in raw honey any times of the day.  Good luck in your research, and if you find something that works for you, please share it with us!

  • Glowing Skin, WHEN???

    Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!  Doesn't matter if you're vegan, raw, standard... your skin will glow when it's well hydrated. The water you drink or the water contained in fresh fruit and veggies is what moves and releases the toxins from your body as well as the fiber.  The cleaner your diet, the better your skin.  And just like "Rome wasn't built in one day," same goes for your body. So be patient with yourself and don't obsess about fast results just because your friend claimed it takes an exact number of days.  There is no set in stone number for everyone, especially when we're all at different health levels.  Also, keep in mind that you will light up the world with a smile much faster than with glowing skin

  • trouble posting reviews/photos from The Rawtarian Recipes App

    Hi Laura-Jane!  Yes, we spoke about this via email and the issue was resolved and very fast at that.  I did post a reply earlier to this but I don't see it posted, so I'm adding this post just in case. Thank you for fixing the app glitch, I haven't had any problems since then. Yay