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  • Hello Kari!  I’m not sure if your question regarding teaming up with someone for support has been answered, and it could be as a result of your entire statement.  Since most of us here are food lovers, we can only relate to the binge eating part of …
  • Hi there, healthyguy1, i’ll attempt to answer your question to the best of my ability and common sense knowledge, meaning, I am not an “expert”-anything.   First, you are not responsible for anyone’s health but your own, and same goes for your gra…
  • Hi, Gretchen.  I was just researching food combining a few hours ago, and it’s a complex subject for me as there are food charts to follow, and days to weeks to months of specific food combinations in order to see or feel results. The article was lo…
    in Food combining Comment by Bibi
  • Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!  Doesn't matter if you're vegan, raw, standard... your skin will glow when it's well hydrated. The water you drink or the water contained in fresh fruit and veggies is what moves and releases the toxins from your body as w…
    in Glowing Skin, WHEN??? Comment by Bibi
  • Hi Laura-Jane!  Yes, we spoke about this via email and the issue was resolved and very fast at that.  I did post a reply earlier to this but I don't see it posted, so I'm adding this post just in case. Thank you for fixing the app glitch, I haven't …
  • I'm new to raw as well, about a month now, and I noticed that some days I wake before the alarm, which doesn't bother me in the least, beats hitting the snooze button several times and feeling groggy and unrested.  As far as fasting goes, I still ne…
  • Hi Laura-Jane!  Yes, we spoke about this via email and the issue was resolved right away. I wanted to send you an update confirming this, except we had a major storm passing through my area (immediately after replying to your email)  and a few hours…
  • Wishing you a Happy Raw Cooking! If your main concern is weight loss, this raw diet truly works and much more, it repairs your body from within reversing years of damage.  Also, I highly recommend investing in a higher end food processor and blender…
    in Weight Loss Comment by Bibi
  • Hello!  I am having trouble posting reviews and photos from The Rawtarian Recipes App, and this happened soon after I was rewarded my 1 Newbie Badge.  Before that, all my reviews/comments and photos posted and now I write a review but keep getting a…
  • I've heard and read an article that rapid weight loss is a major culprit of stretch marks and saggy skin even when you exercise regularly, and that it takes the body much longer and up to two years to adjust to its new (thinner) shape, But... if you…
    in stretch marks... Comment by Bibi