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  • Helloooo Raw Christians....

    praiznhim - Dr. Ted Watkins, MD and Dr. Sharps are in the area (sorta). Dr. Watkins has a cleansing program... It think it's called Eden's Gold cleansing... and he's founder of The Eden Connection. Dr. Sharps does the dried blood/saliva test. I know about 5 people from my church who have gone to them for alternative healing/treatment. All 5 people are Christians who either became vegan, are vegan or are recent raw foodists. Both doctors are Christian too.

    Dr. Watkins website: www.edensgoldforlife.com

    Dr. Sharps website: www.jimsharps.com

    There is also a Christian nutritionist in Maryland. I have to find her info, but she was a raw foodists for 7 years... she does high raw, right now.

  • protein sources

    Sprouts! Sprouts! Sprouts!

  • Eat a Ground Avocado Pit?

    Is anyone eating ground avocado pits?

    I just saw this on VitaMix website ...and I'm wondering whose eating them, if anyones tried it, and what they taste like.


    "Raw food enthusiasts enjoy the health benefits of ground avocado pits.

    Ground avocado pits are big news for their powerful cancer-preventive properties and many raw food chefs are finding ways to work them into the daily diet. You may not have yet acquired a taste for them, but you can enjoy watching the pits processed a la Vita-Mix right here."

  • Dehydrator and Wax Paper

    Hmmm, I’ve had a problem with parchment paper and banana crepes… they really do stick. But greenghost is right, it does not need ‘wax’ or olive oil. Although, I’ve never tried wax paper.

  • Help! Feeling light headed!

    Wow, 50lbs in 50 days. That’s amazing… and it sounds like you are still going strong with the raw food diet! Maybe the light-headed-ness was sign of detox. Did you have detox symptoms at the start? I know there are a few phases of detoxing… (I think, 5 total). When my in-laws were 10-days raw, they both got dizzy and lightheaded. I now believe they were not eliminating toxins fast enough! The body was de-toxing, but the toxins weren’t being taken out of the body. Gotta get that waste out… it must come out… by hot-cold saunas, exercise, drinking water, flushes, etc.