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  • DeborahBee, Zoe: This is an old post but I have a question regarding breast size. I am asking as a person who has insufficient glandular tissue (IGT) and is unable to breast feed 100% (no matter how many children I have and no matter how many herbs …
    in Sore Breasts Comment by germin8
  • A good way to "cook" vegetables and still eat them raw is to "marinate". I don't have a recipe for marinated brussel sprouts, but lemon & olive oil are always good for marinating.
    in brussel sprouts Comment by germin8
  • Nevermind. I contacted them directly. It is the coconut butter separating... which is more apparent in cooler temperatures.
  • Have you checked into Cabella's dehydrators... they have a door to them... but I'm not sure if that makes them less noisy (never heard one running).
  • Wow. Sounds like you are eating your food whole. Maybe put some through the food processor. I don't know... but I imagine your jaw & teeth are getting great exercise.
    in Eating Slowly Comment by germin8
  • Missc mentioned beets! I think that good digestion is when you can eat beets and you don't see the color in your stool. BTW, Boutenko talks about this... and says drinking green smoothies helps digestion. And, I must say, proper food combinging cert…
    in Good Digestion Comment by germin8
  • Thanks. I was going to try that, but... I didn't want to end up w/ half sprouted and then I have to separate them or toss them.
  • Wow, now I know what to do with my arrowroot! Interesting link susan121. Ah yes, chlorophyll is supposed to be a... deodorizer - eh?
    in I Stink. Comment by germin8
  • Ah yes, you'd smell if you are detoxing/cleansing. I have similar issues when eating a high raw diet or cleansing. It's especially noticeable in the sauna when I do a hot-cold hydrotherapy cleanse. Have you tried the thai (salt) stone.... you gotta …
    in I Stink. Comment by germin8
  • Interesting topic.... I had heard flying exposes us to alot of radiation... I'll have to come back and finish reading the entries.
  • Yup, absolutely! I had sinus drainage (wasn't even raw) and 'fixed' it by drinking 64 oz of water a day... and at times taking about 1/4 tsp sea salt sublingually. A friend of mine went vegan and cut sugar out. Whenever she craved sugar, she ate a b…
  • Sprouts! Sprouts! Sprouts!
    in protein sources Comment by germin8
  • Yup. When it comes to food labels, *raw* does not mean living, biogenic, nor bioactive. I generally think of raw as meaning minimally processed or unadulterated.
  • I was at a natural food store... whre they were selling raw sprouted almonds! I couldn't belive it! They said it wasn't required to pasteurize almonds anymore... I've been away from GoneRaw for a while, but am I so out of the raw-food-loop that I mi…
  • A few weeks ago, I compared a food item on NutritionData.com and whfoods.com I found that Nutrition Data had higher percentages than WHFoods for the same food! Of course, that was just one food item. I am guessing a lot depends on how old the food i…
    in Vitamin overdose? Comment by germin8
  • Oh, I know how you feel aspire. I feel the same way about VitaMix... how you just can't get all that precious food out. BTW, I did check the Products section on BlendTec and they do have a lid with bigger opening! No wonder, I got my BlendTec for $5…
  • I own both the VitaMix and BlendTec... and VitaMix wins, hands down. Well, this is comparing the VitaMix with the BlendTec using the original size container (BlendTec has a much larger one now which seems to work quite well... but you have to pay fo…
  • Yup, greens! But, I must say pumpkin seeds contain 25% iron according to the Nutrition Data on the ones I bought. And, this website says pumpking seeds can have 115% iron: www.nutritiondata.com/facts/nut-and-seed-products/3066/2 Don't forget, you ne…
  • Ihanks, emtpdmom... I guess I never added any "favorites" because I just use "Track". Still can't seem to figure out how to view ONLY my "favorites", but I'll get to that, eventually. Thanks!!!
    in favorite knife? Comment by germin8
  • Good question. I'm curious to learn from people's responses. Hmmm, where's the "like" button so I can keep up w/ posts w/o having to comment. :o)
    in favorite knife? Comment by germin8
  • Actually, it's because I couldn't view it from work... I believe every website is "pre-screened" there. Ah yes... lasagna has green & red colors festive for the occasion. Thanks for sharing.
  • Cool... I'll be looking for it... for some reason, I can't access your website from my current (non-home) location.
  • Tell us which of your favorite dishes make a perfect Christmas dinner addition!
  • I agree w/ wichten. VitaMix can be used as a food processor b/c you have more control of speed... plus, you can use the tamper so the food processes more evenly. Although, I find it more challenging than using the actual FP. But, the VM could very w…
  • I knew an older couple that (when they left Germany during the ware) they didn't have much to eat... so they ate grass soup. Although, I never asked which grass...
  • They are rich in minerals... and have amino acids (the building blocks of protein)... not to mention chlorophyll. They are also not acidic... and that's good for pH balance (since most people tend to be more acid). They also help with stomach acid. …
    in Greens? Comment by germin8
  • I'm so glad to see BlendTec fixed their problems! However, you have to buy the "inferior" one and then buy the 3 qt jar w/ 4" blade. They need to fix that... plus, they need to work on their warranty next. They're getting there... and they're gettin…
  • Dark Grapes are the best for cleansing. Just read The Grape Cure, Johanna Brandt. Brandt recommends minimum of one pound and a maximum of four pounds (1.816 kg) that should not be exceeded. So, for a monomeal, I would guess 1-4 lbs a day! Total, gue…
    in How many? Comment by germin8
  • For sprouting... once you soak it you have to take it out of water and rinse every day or so... the quinoa will then sprout. Here's an excellent website on sprouting quinoa (and others): http://www.sproutpeople.com/seed/quinoa.html
    in Soaked Nuts Comment by germin8
  • Yes, soak them in jars, bowls...etc How else would you soak them? I wouldn't soak them in plastic. Besides... the tannin in the walnuts that comes out during germinating may stain your container. (I haven't tested that) How will you know? There are …
    in Soaked Nuts Comment by germin8