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  • Water Fasting

    EMPTDMOM - Congratulations on your past and present fast. I have worked through both my fasts. One thing you need to remember is that blood pressure drops (a good thing) so whenever you get up quickly you may experience some light headedness. This happened to me several times early on during my first fast, but it is amazing how quickly your body learns and it hasn't happened at all during my second fast. Remember to stretch before you get up or get up very slowly the first few days of your fast.

    My primary goal for the fast is to try and get off my last hypertension medication. I came across the idea of fasting because I was looking for a way to stabilize my blood pressure. Based on the studies, an extended fast of app. 3 weeks is required to permanently adjust blood pressure so I am going to see if I can get there this go round. I hope to continue that long assuming my blood work comes back okay every week. While healthy people can usually fast without issue, I am having bloodwork done every week due to my health problems and the fact I don't have a history of fasting such that my body knows what to expect for that duration.

    KMINTY3 - I love the Master Cleanse drink, so it isn't a problem for me but I am trying to stabilize my blood sugar and I can't do while taking in all that maple sugar or agave daily. I didn't find water fasting difficult but everyone is different. I did miss being able to socialize with friends around food and drink but that happened on the Master Cleanse too.

    CARRIE - Good luck on your fast. Remember, the first time you fast you will probably have a heavy detox and may feel crappy for the first 3 days. I did have some symptoms but after 1 day my energy levels went way up. I found myself wanting to clean my house. That is so out of character for me. LOL. Please consider keeping a blog at FastingConnectin.com. The support there is so helpful. I found the adjustment to fasting was more psychological than physical.

    DURIANRIDER - That was a grossly misinformed post clearly intended to spark ill will. Your post is the equivalent of someone unfamiliar with 811 denouncing it as a rip off and assuring that the only option is to enroll in Weight Watchers. You're position is that 811 is answer for everyone. I am glad it works for you, but it is egotistical to assume your experiences or observations must dictate the "truth" for everyone else.

    If you did work at a fasting retreat, it is unfortunate you associated with quack practitioners, which are replete in the field of natural food and health remedies, and, according to your post, they preferred to eat junk food. That should have been a clue.

    Why do you assume that anyone considering or undertaking a fast will return to a crappy diet? I know for a fact that there are many 811 followers who fast. The primary reasons to fast, which any legitimate fasting coach will confirm, is for the health benefits that can only be had when the body is not diverting its energies to digestion, including accelerating detoxification and cell regeneration, consumption of unhealthy cells and superfluous tissues, and stabilizing blood pressure and blood sugar. Weight loss is merely a desirable by-product of these processes.

    Anytime blood sugar drops, which happens between meals and during the initial stage of a fast, the body releases several hormones including cortizone from the adrenal glands; however, that release stops as soon blood sugar stabilizes. This is often a goal of fasting and why so many with diabetes choose to fast to reverse their type II diabetes and, in rare occasions, type I diabetes. Yes, fasting does initially stimulate the adrenal glands just as exercising stimulates or stresses muscles. Stressing a body part is not the same as damaging it. The purpose of cardiovascular exercise is to exercise, place stress upon, the heart in order to strengthen it. It does not damage the heart absent some underlying problem.

    It appears that others participating in this thread came with an open mind and an intention to contribute in a positive manner or learn something regardless of which position they ultimately choose. If you continue to participate, I hope you will consider these possibilities.

  • Sprouting Hemp Seeds?

    RAW KID CHEF Where did you purchase your hemp seeds?

  • Natural Perfume

    I used to wear conventional perfumes, but who knows what they do to you. I only wear natural stuff now and make most of my own body products. I usually give them as gifts too.

    When I was doing my research for the scents, I came across a study that had been repeated twice on the top scents men like to smell. Twice, lavender and pumpkin pie placed in the top three. I mixed lavender and other spiced essential oils that would be in pumpkin pie together and it was really nice. I sold room fresheners, colognes and bath salts made from it. They sold really well.

    I am not much for patchouli; however, it is a strong base notes and carries a scent longer than anything else (in my opinion). I mixed a drop of patchouli with several drops of nutmeg and diluted it in vodka for a cologne. It was an experiment and I really liked it (but I didn’t record the exact measurements). Almost every time I wore it I received compliments.

  • Help!! Recurring Herpes Outbreaks

    I recently had a procedure that caused a good deal of trauma to my mouth. I was warned if I had ever had a cold sore that the procedure would cause me to have a serious outbreak and I was advised to take a Rx for the week prior to the procedure. I did not recall ever having a cold sore so I didn’t take the meds (and I don’t trust meds if I can get along without them). Two days after the procedure both of my lips were developing cold sores from one end of my mouth to another. I began researching safe and natural alternatives. I found them and they work. Within 24 hours of taking the products, the cold sores stopped. In three days they were gone. I took Lysine and GSE and applied lemon balm ointment to my lips.

    Lysine is a natural amino acid that stop the food source for herpes.

    Physicians have observed that the herpes simplex virus becomes inactive just ten minutes after the application of grapefruit seed extract. I used to take GSE almost daily, putting 10-15 drops in a little water up to 3 times daily if I have something I am trying to control. It will wipe our candida too, assuming you aren’t feeding it with sugar. If you are going to use it topically, it is VERY strong so be sure to dilute 3 drops in a tablespoon of oil. If you don’t, it can temporarily damage the tissue.

    There is some information supporting the use of lemon balm, but the information available on Lysine and GSE controlling herpes is extensive.

    Avoid taking L-arginine supplements or foods rich in L-arginine because it feeds and supports the herpes virus.

    You can google herpes and any of these products and find plenty of different links you can investigate.

    Good Luck. Cold sores really suck and they are incredibly painful.

  • Update on GSE Purity

    I know I am always recommending Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) to others on this site to the point where members may wonder if I am heavily invested in the GSE industry. I’m not. I have just found it to be a strong, natural, broad spectrum antimicrobal and like the idea of using something non-toxic that isn’t damaging my body, the environment or making Pharma rich(er).

    Recently I came across a site, which I previously linked on another thread here, where it was reported that GSE was found to be an ineffective antimicrobal and commercial GSE only worked because it was tainted with a dangerous chemical substance, primarily benzelthonium chloride. This set off alarm bells in my head but at the same time I had previously researched the product and knew that testaments to its usage as such dated back long before these chemicals were ever invented and I could find no product liability judgments against any GSE manufacturer. So what is the truth?

    I have always used a brand called Nutribiotics. I emailed the company a few weeks ago and asked them to account to me for the published storie sand explain how they processed the GSE from start to finish, also accounting for the inclusion of any synthetic products. The following day I decided I was unwilling to wait for a written response and called three times, each to speak with someone in the legal, quality control and marketing departments. I was very satisfied with the responses I received, which were uniform in explanation. Today, I finally received a response to my email. I include it here to share this information with you. This same information appears elsewhere on the web as a response to others voicing GSE concerns.

    Thank you for your interest in GSE. Newsgroups and email groups have received postings to the effect that GSE contains triclosan, benzelthonium chloride, or methyl paraben. The reason is that GSE is very similar in molecular weight to both benzelthonium chloride and triclosan, both of which are effective disinfectants, but are toxic to human and animal life. Some tests for BC, triclosan, and methyl paraben come up positive (which is more correctly called a “false positive”) and the same is happening for triclosan.

    Meanwhile, Citricidal (the brand of GSE NutriBiotic uses) has been tested for the presence of these toxins by independent labs, and has been proven clean. (Ex: Weston Gulf Coast Laboratories, Inc., University Park, IL, test completed in March of 1992. Tested for heavy metals, Cyanides, Pesticides and PCBs and Benzalkonium Chloride. Results: None Detected.) In fact, the accusations about triclosan (used in many dish and hand soaps in the US) became so frequent a few years ago, that Citricidal began specifically testing each batch of GSE for its absence, and providing a Certificate of Analysis to that effect.

    The truth is, Citricidal is not only effective, it has been in use for many years (20+). If these allegations had any validity, there certainly would be a history of complaints and judgments against the product, and it would have been removed from the market many years ago. The US FDA made inspections of the Nutribiotic manufacturing facility back in the 1990’s and found no chemical preservatives; and the formula is the same today. Such rumors are false, and are not a threat to those armed with accurate information. The reports are certainly bothersome, but they have produced “false positives”, not accurate profiles. The vast body of evidence from many years of use by thousands of satisfied consumers, doctors, manufacturers, and veterinarians, speaks most loudly against such reports. Citricidal and NutriBiotic GSE are proven, safe, and effective products.

    Here are the steps of GSE production:

    1) Grapefruit pulp and seeds (the by-product of expeller-extracted grapefruit juice) is dried and ground into a fine powder.

    2) The grapefruit powder is dissolved in purified water and distilled to remove the fiber and pectin.

    3) This distilled slurry is spray dried at low temperatures forming a concentrated grapefruit bioflavonoid powder.

    4) This concentrated powder is dissolved in vegetable glycerine and heated.

    5) Food grade ammonium chloride and ascorbic acid are added, and this mixture is heated under pressure.

    6) This material undergoes catalytic conversion using natural catalysts (including hydrochloric acid and natural enzymes.).

    7) This slurry is cooled, filtered and treated with ultraviolet light.

    Please feel free to contact us again if you have further questions. Thank you.