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  • Thyroid Boosters

    I eat lots of the things you mention. I used to have hypothyroid symptoms, hair loss, the ends of my eyebrowns didn’t grow I was always cold, (especially my ankles). I stopped having those symptoms awhile back. I recently had blood tests and they showed that I didn’t have insufficient T3, TSH and T4. Keep eating the seaweed for iodine. I also eat maca as it’s an adaptogen that is good for hormone support. Cut back on goitrogenous foods for awhile (kale, spinach, buckwheat) and add them back into your diet slowly and in variety. Pumpkin seeds are good too because of the zinc.

  • one year vegan craving meat again

    Could it be the texture that you miss or the seasoning/sauce that goes with it? I looked back when I ate meat and I decided that the sauce or gravy is what I liked, not the meat.

  • Cilantro - How much per day is safe?

    I would be careful with cilantro. It doesn’t detox, it mobilizes mercury. You should eat something like chlorella or brown seaweed (alginates) with the cilantro to bind it, otherwise you might have redistribution or reabsorption of metals. Cilantro crosses the blood brain barrier. Every time that I took a chelating product with cilantro, I had weakness and light-headedness. I ate a small amount today and it didn’t bother me. A whole bunch might have knocked me to my knees. I would say that we can all tolerate different amounts.

  • cashew substitutes

    Here’s the Wikipedia definition and description of a cashew, complete with photos. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cashew

    I bought some cashews to make the eggless egg salad recipe on this site and, while the salad tasted good, the nuts made me nauseated too.