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  • Thyroid Boosters

    I eat lots of the things you mention. I used to have hypothyroid symptoms, hair loss, the ends of my eyebrowns didn’t grow I was always cold, (especially my ankles). I stopped having those symptoms awhile back. I recently had blood tests and they showed that I didn’t have insufficient T3, TSH and T4. Keep eating the seaweed for iodine. I also eat maca as it’s an adaptogen that is good for hormone support. Cut back on goitrogenous foods for awhile (kale, spinach, buckwheat) and add them back into your diet slowly and in variety. Pumpkin seeds are good too because of the zinc.

  • Helloooo Raw Christians....

    I’m Christian and I’m happy to have the opportunity to say so! It has become so politically incorrect in recent times because it might offend some people. I would rather offend non-believers than to offend Christ by denying Him. I didn’t go raw because of religious beliefs, but it has affected me spiritually.

  • one year vegan craving meat again

    Could it be the texture that you miss or the seasoning/sauce that goes with it? I looked back when I ate meat and I decided that the sauce or gravy is what I liked, not the meat.

  • Cilantro - How much per day is safe?

    The machine is one in which I held a rod that is attached to a machine with a meter and my homeopathic doctor mashed another rod into my hand holding a vial of material for which I was tested. It reminded me of muscle testing, which is not scientific. I also found out my allergies and sensitivities. The feedback is quantum physics and is also called QXCI, SCIO and EPFX. They’re used all over the World, so I imagine that you can find one in Perth or close by. I never heard of it refered to as Avatar. My mercury level was off the meter, extremely high.

  • Cilantro - How much per day is safe?

    You shouldn’t try to chelate with amalgam fillings in your teeth. It’s also risky to have so many changed at once. If I were you, I would find a biological dentist who has experience in replacing amalgams with a substance that is compatible with you. Traditional dentists will drill the amalgams out and won’t have a dam or the proper suction to keep you from swallowing the particles and breathing the dust and vapors. Some people get worse with this drastic dentistry. It’s very serious.

    Check out Hal Huggins site at www.hugnet.com for more information. Hal Huggins is the author of “It’s all in Your Head” and he has a practice where he replaces amalgams and does the proper chelation afterwards. His therapy also includes cavitation, nutrition and detox.

    A hair analysis is often misleading. What they’re looking for is mineral displacement. Actual mercury rarely shows up in the hair. I was tested with bio-feedback. I don’t understand the quantum physics involved to explain how it works. This subject has gotten too deep here. You should really go to an expert.

    Your brain is like swiss cheese and certain sized particles are able to cross the membrane. Neurotoxins (MSG, aspartame) cross the BBB and cause serious damage. Get the “Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World” DVD by Cori Brackett or read Betty Martini’s website. www.dorway.com