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    PS. By fruitarian, I mean high carb/low-no fat 80/10/10rv per Dr Graham. If I am hungry, detox is too severe, then I need to up my calorie intake (bowls of monofruit, blended grapes and whole lemon smoothies, etc) and try to follow mouth hunger for particular fruit. Fat from avocados, nuts and seeds, or coconuts, etc, in more than minimal amounts, can create insulin resistance and clog the lymph system and lead to new or exacerbate old major health problems.

  • Eating cooked food made me ill!

    TammiTrue said:

    I know this is the time of year I'm most prone to falling back on cooked food (and usually regretting it). Now, I have a warm cup of tea in the winter if I'm really craving something really warm. I suppose the tea leaves might be a little cooked from the water but that much I can handle :)

     That is really smart... to have a hot cuppa tea instead of sick-making cooked foods!

  • SEVERE joint pain.... Detox?

    Update from previous post. All of my symtpoms are reversing on raw fruit lifestyle. Notice as I go deeper into fruitarianism and deeper detox that I get periodic intense detox involving pain, emotional stuff, and that as I stick with raw fruit, be gentle with myself, I have tremendous healing following the crisis. All kinds of acid, 30+ years worth seems to be coming out. Also, started a brief trauma yoga practice to shake out body trauma pain (B Larkin on YT, only 11-12 minutes so easy/quick). That helps too. I found somewhere that the thigh muscles, the tops I think, relate to parental belief systems... and it seems that as I heal Inner Child(ren) and detox that I partly get pain from unwinding trauma and letting go of parental ideals (they abused or abandoned, neglected all of their six children). Some of the pain is in the thighs (though that seems nearly done after a year), and now it seems to be deeper in the back of my pelvis and lower spine (sexual trauma as a toddler and little girl) yet all diminishing with proper raw fruit diet, Inner Child work, some external support like TRE and the trauma neurogenic yoga, essential oils, salt baths, body talk, exercise, sauna, journaling, some shamanic work, etc. The healing and detox are very difficult, but the energy, joy, and freedom, pure physical, emotional, and mental healing that I feel after each crisis is amazing. So glad to have found this forum, as I did not know that one could feel body pain from unwinding the past as one healed arthritis, infections, and more, from systemic acidosis. Amazing! Going to add in a more regular sauna and do a longer term lemon grape fruit fast. So excited! To your health. PS. Had to cut raw veggies as they made the infection and other symptoms far worse (especially avocado which I researched only to learn that scientists in Ireland discovered that fat increases infection). So, my healing ramped up from cutting fats, salt, and raw veggies.

  • Sick when eating cooked food

    Totally not able to eat cooked, vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, food... Get ill unless fruitarian. Not too hard, feel unbelievable on the diet (tried, finally, after increasing illness, years of diet FAIL, paleo. Macrobiotic, vegetarian, eggetarian, rice diets, juicing with whole vegan foods + high raw, entirely raw vegan but soon became clear that the nuts/seeds, avos, and oils were killing me, and on), just can't let myself run out of or get low on fruit. Also, can only use nuts as condiments, sprouted/activated and then blended for vegan, raw milk or cream/dressing, etc. Glad to find his forum and discover that I'm not the only one who gets ill from cooked foods like grains, veggies, nuts, or oils. Going to watch some Dr Morse YT vids for additional moral support.

  • Eating cooked food made me ill!

    Had a craving for cooked, hot food, as it is nearly winter in the UK! Fridge was empty, never a wise situation AND I’d got soaking wet on way home from class (shoes, socks, hat, all layers, haha). Omgosh... So deadly ill after eating (bloated, sleepy... Coma sleepy, and can hardly breathe, made infection flare up in my teeth/gums and elsewhere in body, mucus formed right away, too, feeling terribly, almost immediately from eating a lightly cooked, semi-rawish (the carrot shreds and spinach, chopped green herbs, were not cooked), vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free vegetable and cashew nut dish. Been mostly fruitarian and a bit of breatharian, here and there when I am super chill and have absolutely no work, stress, etc., as it became increasingly obvious that cooked vegan, gluten-free was making me unwell over time. Rather dramatic experience, and happy that I only bought a bit of the veg/nuts and loads of fruit, as I am going right back on my mucus-free, lymph detox supportive food. Hard to believe I was so foolish (Dr Morse would cringe, haha) when I was experiencing vibrant health, amazing skin, tons of energy, elimination of bloat and all digestive issues after a few months of frugivore joy. Feel really daft, yet glad to find this forum and see that I'm not the only one, and going to get a good umbrelly and rain boots and actual raincoat (despite student budget frugality).