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  • dehydrated avocado?

    I should have suggested this instead of my "bump" but was a bit too sleepy and not thinking clearly. There are at least 2 recent threads that discuss raw when out with nature . . . one about a canoe trip and another on camping / hiking. And a lot of previous discussions mixed in with other topics. Here's the link to a GoneRaw search. I'd just browse the ones with appropriate titles. You can also refine this original search for more specific terms if you like. Just click "Advanced Search", leave the "keywords" as it is, and then add your specific terms in the "Containing . . ." spaces.

    http://www.goneraw.com/search/node/type:forum hiking OR hike OR camping OR canoe OR canoeing

    In addition to carrying dehydrated foods with you, you will probably want to do some foraging. But then you're most likely already up on what's available in the area in which you'll be working. Please do keep us updated. It will be interesting and enlightening to hear first hand what works best in these conditions.

    EDIT: I don't know about the avocados. Were you thinking of reducing them to something akin to "leather" or grinding them into a powder to use in "instant" smoothies / soups? You could dehydrate just a piece of one when dehydrating something else and see how it works.

    madave33 Deleted
  • Vita-mix 5200 BPA-free Container Question

    I have a 5200, purchased new last summer. The lids for both my 32 and 64 oz carafes look like this. I don't see a recycle symbol on the container. Exactly where on the container did you find it?

    Congratulations on your purchase. I LOVE my Vitamix . . . so much that it travels with me (just the base and 32oz carafe).

  • Stainless Dehydrator Pros and Cons

    I have been trying to decide which dehydrator to purchase, and have been leaning heavily toward an Excalibur. There are a lot of positive comments in the forums about the Excalibur. I haven’t seen any discussions on stainless units. I’d like to hear from those of you who have actual experience with stainless dehydrators. If you have experience with both an Excalibur or other non-stainless model and a stainless model, please share your preferences and reasonings.