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  • The link below will get you to a dozen or more prior threads on this subject. I highly recommend vacuum sealed glass jars. http://www.goneraw.com/search/node/type:forum storage "saver"
  • Eecho, I love the link. Just added it to my list.
  • Blue Eyes, it's my pleasure to share what works for me. That's the beauty of this community. Speaking of sharing, I haven't seen any updates to your "on the road" status. I just checked your "Raw on the Road" thread. I'm just curious to know if you …
  • I've been using baking soda exclusively as an all over body wash for about 15 months, and have not found it harsh at all. I'm soon to be 64 and many of my peers find their skin thinning and more sensitive now. They are amazed at the smooth texture o…
  • It's datepeople.net.
    in Dates? Comment by emtpdmom
  • Try an advanced search in the Forums. I think there was a discussion some time ago about blending and then freezing young coconut meat. I know you can freeze whole Thai coconuts.
  • A good and reliable source for sprouting information: sproutpeople.com I also find these two helpful: raw-food-living.com (there's a section on soaking nuts) living-foods.com (articles on sprouting)
  • VitaMix is an international company. From their website click on International, then select the appropriate country from the drop down menu. You'll find several European countries listed there.
  • Germin8, to keep up with posts, from the original posting, click on the "add to favorites" link. Then from your use profile, under Favorites, click on Forum topics. When you no longer wish to track the thread, you can delete it from your list.
    in favorite knife? Comment by emtpdmom
  • Welcome to Gone Raw, yellowdot. Because the emphasis of this site is on RAW vegan recipes, you will probably not find references to sugar, and should find no references to baking or cooking in the recipes here. Raw ingredients that sweeten include h…
  • Regarding raw peanuts, I am able to purchase them fairly fresh from the field and still in the shell from a roadside fresh market in Northwest Florida. I shell, soak and sprout them (just to a nub). Then I dehydrate them to a reasonable crunch. Befo…
  • Right click on the recipe link. Choose "Open Link in New Window" or "Open Link in New Tab". This will leave your search intact. I know this works in Firefox and IE.
  • At least a few of us vacuum seal in glass canning jars, which eliminates the plastic issue. There have been a number of threads on this subject in the last year or so. Here's the link to an Advanced Search for forums containing the phrase "vacuum se…
  • Check the "Terms and Conditions" link at the bottom of the screen. I think there's contact information somewhere in there.
  • During flea season I put a couple of drops of orange oil on my dog's nylon collar. Don't know if it works for ticks as well or not. We frequently spend time on the Gulf Coast where there is plenty of sand and fleas abound. In the past, fleas have be…
    in Flea and ticks Comment by emtpdmom
  • Shelled raw sunflower seeds sprout nicely. As they are the only seeds I sprout, I cannot answer regarding the others. Sprouted sunflower seeds are delicious in salads, etc. I also enjoy sprouting them until the tails are about half the length of the…
  • I sprout hulled sunflower seeds from the bulk bin and also seeds specifically for sprouting. Both work fine.
    in Sprouting seeds Comment by emtpdmom
  • I freeze juice in wide-mouth glass mason jars (pint size). They are safe for freezing and canning. My family has been using them for freezing for over 35 years. I don't ever recall one breaking in the freezer. You want to limit air exposure, so use …
  • Joannabanana, I occasionally have a twitchy eyelid, but never bothered to investigate to see why. Your thread prompted me to do a wee bit of research (very wee, I might add). According to all the links I checked out a twitchy eyelid is usually a sig…
    in Eye Twitching Comment by emtpdmom
  • Terilyn, I don't have a medical background, but checked with 2 friends who do. If you have access to Benedryl, my retired nurse friend suggests starting with 50 mg every 2 hours for 12 hours. If you're not better in 12 hours, she feels you should re…
  • You can grow your own stevia plants. Google and check it out.
  • Welcome to Gone Raw, Chaya. You can choose to include specific equipment in your Advanced Search. In the "Only in the category" section, scroll down to the next screen and highlight the equipment you wish included in your search. To include more tha…
  • I've lived in a small apartment where composting did not seem possible. In fact, if I had mentioned the word composting or wormbin, my manager would probably have gone a bit ballistic. I kept a 5 gallon flowerpot outside and "buried" my compost in i…
  • I "right click" and open in a new tab also. It's a real nice feature. I can open up several GoneRaw windows and they're all grouped together so I can see what I'm working with at a glance.
  • I haven't noticed raw sunflower seeds being bitter. Waterbaby says if they're soaked too long they can get somewhat bitter. Also, apparently some people have more bitter taste buds than others, so you may just be more aware of the bitter portion of …
  • The main reason I soak nuts and seeds is to remove the enzyme inhibitors. I love sunflower seeds, but discovered that they digest much easier if I soak them, sprout them to about 1/4 inch and then dehydrate them. They're also more tasty IMHO. Yummmm…
  • Did you go from 100% SAD to 100% raw all at once? If so, you might consider slowing down a bit. Try breakfast and lunch raw (smoothies, salads, whole foods) and then a more traditional but healthy supper (salad, steamed veggies and little or no meat…
    in Raw vs. cooked Comment by emtpdmom
  • I totally agree with sid23 . . . go to the doctor. I had the chickenpox at about age 5, and shingles at age 62. They were excruciatingly painful. Luckily mine followed a nerve on my scalp and was diagnosed fairly quickly, so it never became visible …
  • Megan, thank you for starting this thread. It is always nice when we know how to contact each other (if we so desire) and access blogs, etc. It would also be very helpful (and efficient) for those who wish to share personal electronic to add it in t…
    in For Everyone! Comment by emtpdmom
  • Here's the link to an earlier thread on this subject. http://www.goneraw.com/forum/dehydrator-vs-oven