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  • Cacao-induced Migraine?

    Yep…it’s definitely happened to me. Cacao is a very occasional treat now.

  • I want to date a raw vegan.

    Not necessarily anything serious, just fun and companionship. I am the ONLY ONE I know who eats this way and I have to admit that I daydream about dating a raw vegan. CONSTANTLY! My passion for health and raw foods has increased to the point where I do not think I will be able to date anyone who doesn’t eat the way I do.

    I KNOW diet isn’t everything…but well, we are what we eat! I don’t want to kiss anyone who puts anything dead into their body, you know?! Maybe it’s a little neurotic and obsessive to think this way, but well, I just want to be honest and share my feelings on the topic…Goneraw is as good a place as any to lament about something that’s been on my mind for awhile. I fantasize about uncooking together and just ‘being raw’ together.

    At first I was thinking that I would still date a vegan…but many vegan’s still eat like crap! And I do believe that cooked food is dead food. That view might be extreme to some…but it is real for me.

    I would LOVE to share my love of fresh, raw living foods with a partner who UNDERSTANDS WHY I eat this way!

    Part of me wonders if I am being materialistic. But I believe that diet influences consciousness greatly and there is a certain type of energy that I am attracted to…pure raw energy.

    I don’t mean to be divisive or nit-picky; I love my friends and respect their right to eat however they wish. It’s their bodies. But if I am going to share MY BODY with someone, I would like it to be someone who eats raw…

    can you blame me?

    In the meantime I will just stay RAW and single. ;-p

  • Eating just fruit

    Roadrunner, THANK YOU! That’s exactly what I wanted to know more about and to hear from people who have embraced this lifestyle full time. Do you eat non-sweet fruit as well, like cucumbers and peppers and tomatoes?

    I’ve just noticed that I feel SO GOOD after I eat such lucious fruits, sweet and nonsweet, I love them all. I’ve also been inspired to go all organic, and it’s not that much different in price, and I believe it’s so worth it for the difference in taste.

    I’m glad to hear that you haven’t lost your teeth or anything crazy like what I’ve been reading about on the net. Seems like there is a lot of misinformation out there. I just feel so happy and at peace since I started eating all fruit and I will continue to do so. I will trust what feels the best for my body.

    Thank you for the in depth reply!

  • Sick when eating cooked food

    Cooked food definitely upsets my System, creating a mental, physical and spiritual imbalance. It’s for my own well-being I stick to raw now, otherwise I feel horribly ill.