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  • 11 bananas for breakfast
    in What You Ate Today Comment by MOTH
  • Just a little water fast. ;-) I’m playing it day by day. To see how long I can go.
    in A water fast Comment by MOTH
  • Thanks for your encouragement. ::heart:: :-)
    in A water fast Comment by MOTH
  • Alright, I’m in. I fell off the 811 path recently, but I’m back and willing to give it my best shot.
    in November 811RV Comment by MOTH
  • Lately: oranges apples *sprouts
  • Yes, everytime I eat dehydrated stuff, my body complains in a very loud manner.
  • Much love everyone! :::heart::: I’m hanging in there! I have a job lined up in November and I was able to open up to my local friends about how I was feeling – and they’ve been sooo wonderful and beautiful and loving and gentle with me – they’ve ser…
  • Hey everyone! I want to thank you all for such beautiful words of wisdom and guidance! I really love you guys and sooo appreciate the support from you all. I feel like you guys are on the same page as I am when we notice how much diet effects us. My…
  • OMG – you guys are making me cry! it’s a good thing – these are tears that I want, LOL. I keep trying to re-focus on self-love and self-worth and I keep being hard on myself! you’re right; what’s going on with me IS NOT the end of the world; everyth…
  • Omshanti- I didn’t mention it in my initial post but I have overindulged on vegan (raw?) organic wine several times this week, as well as poked the smot (smoked pot). It seems like I am reaching out for any way to numb and distract myself or somethi…
  • so much wisdom – thank you all SO MUCH. It really helps to hear about people who have “been there” with these types of changes. And you’re right; I have a lot to be thankful for; just hard to see sometimes. My parents have been asking me to come hom…
  • Eat more fruit! It’s better then nut-binging and getting constipated…I’ve been there…the only thing that stopped me from binging on nuts is eating tons of fruit. My bowel movements are powerfully awesome now. :-)
  • I read of one person who threw a flax cracker out her window rather frivolously one day, and it ended up growing a flax plant! That was proof to me that dehydrated food can still be ALIVE. I don’t prefer dehydrated items, however; it sits too heavy …
  • I’m also interested in making a raw Thanksgiving dinner to take to some SAD folks. I think I’ll make a thread about it in fact.
  • I will wager a guess and say that you’re not eating enough – too low in calories can cause dizziness.
    in Dizziness Comment by MOTH
  • No problemo – I really want to order some boursin cheese from Alissa for the Holidays. I’m not joking when I say I was addicted to the dairy Boursin cheese – I could eat a container of it in one sitting. Then I pretty much went raw the next day, LOL…
    in Dr. Cow Cheese Comment by MOTH
  • Alissa Cohen also has cultured cheeses available now, that come in pint sizes. She has a ‘Boursin’ type macadamia nut cheese that I am dying to try; as Boursin was one of my last things to give up before I went raw. Apparently you can’t tell the dif…
    in Dr. Cow Cheese Comment by MOTH
  • This cheese must be good. I have never even tried it but I had a dream about it last night.
    in Dr. Cow Cheese Comment by MOTH
  • When I first went raw, all I wanted was greens. Now ten months down the road, I’m definitely a fruit bat.
  • Hey guys! I had SO MUCH FUN today! I’m still pretty sick – I was having coughing fits all day and lots of mucus – so I drank the juice of 32 organic oranges and slept a lot (had the day off) that REALLY seemed to help. Then, for dinner, I met up wit…
    in October 811 Comment by MOTH
  • They were small oranges, hehe. :-)
    in October 811 Comment by MOTH
  • Good to see everyone here! No pressure peoples! We’re all just becoming more aware of what we are consuming. I’m not strict 811 yet either. My confession: I have a “thing” for gourmet raw cuisine, and can likely see myself going to the Organic Garde…
    in October 811 Comment by MOTH
  • Yeah, nuts destroy me when I eat them, LOL. The salsa wasn’t hot or spicy at all – mild and tomatoey. I hope these symptoms let up soon. Whenever I swallow, there is fire.
    in October 811 Comment by MOTH
  • The past two days – my appetite has been nil. My throat is just so sore from whatever my body is healing/fighting from. I’ve basically been forcing bananas and orange juice down my throat and I know I’m undereating cals. Tonight I woke up from a nap…
    in October 811 Comment by MOTH
  • I’m IN! :-) I was in for the September 811 thread and halfway through I started eating a lot of gourmet and fatty raw items – and my body made me pay. Now it’s been a few weeks since I’ve buckled down and recommitted to 811 and my bod is thanking me…
    in October 811 Comment by MOTH
  • Trust your senses…do you eat organic? If it were conventional, I would be suspicious that something had been sprayed on it to make it last longer then normal. I’ve had certain types of organic apples that have lasted a few weeks for some reason; the…
    in fruit shelf life Comment by MOTH
  • I don’t really label myself as anything, but I believe Nature is GOD (and everything in existence is that of Nature) so yeah – I suppose I could be considered Pagan. I have spirit companions as well who are a big part of my life – some of my best fr…
  • I buy organic…I don’t wash anything…
  • I have NEVER eaten squash – but strangely I’ve been craving it for a few weeks now. I will have to be brave and go out and get some! I guess I’ll start with butternut and go from there. How do you guys prepare it? I feel like shredding it with some …
    in Raw winter squash??? Comment by MOTH