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  • Raw Homeschooling

    I just needed to share the COOLEST CATALOGUE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! American Science & Surplus, I had never heard of it but had ordered a 3-D drawing pad from Amazon and it came from this company. The drawing pad comes with 3-D glasses, so they just need to scribble and it becomes 3-D. Love it. Anyway, here’s a tiny selection of what they offer – lava lamp nightlight, mirage maker, emesis basins (puke tubs), tiny bottles, former airbags, funky magnets, x-rays, rock hammer, crime scene investigation kit, hospital gowns, lab coats, mylar blankets, blacklights, and my favorite – dental tools, 3 for $5! http://www.sciplus.com/

  • Detox'ish qualities of a raw diet?

    Skin breakouts were definitely part of my experience, especially on my temples but also it odd places. Being really tired, splitting headaches. And they may also come in phases as you go deeper. In the book Raw Success Matt Monarch says that a 100% raw diet is a lifetime detox, it’s never-ending, considering the toxicity of our world, and he recommends colonics to eliminate what you’re flushing, along with green juices, skin brushing, rebounding, all that good stuff. He and some others also recommend taking it slow so you don’t “autointoxicate” yourself, or some such a term. Poison yourself with your own toxins, basically. Great questions!

  • Help!! Recurring Herpes Outbreaks

    rawjazz – I knew i had seen this somewhere before so I went back and found it http://mattmonarch.blogspot.com/ scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and you’ll see a mention of raw detox and herpes. There’s lots of other great info too.

  • Diagnosed with Candida - Help

    There is so much information online, it’s a fairly complicated issue so there’s no easy answer. There’s a book and website called The Yeast Connection you can check out. You can also look into Dr. Gabriel Cousens’ book Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine which has a 3 month diet that deals with candida among other toxins. In a nutshell you’re eliminating anything with sugar, including fruit, for 3 months but at the same time eating high quality foods which he explains in great detail. He moves on to a transitional diet and then eventually you end up with a healthy diet that includes sweets in moderation, but at that point your body can handle it. The eating plan is tough to do for a lot of people (including me) I made it a month, and I also have taken cleansing kits, oregano oil and Pau D’Arco tea. I’m inclined to believe the best results will come from an eating plan like this that starves the candida along with anti-fungals. I don’t know of anything simpler that’s as effective, unfortunately, but it can be dealt with.

  • Skin Care Products

    I’m a huge fan of extra virgin coconut oil, as are many on this site, as it’s so safe you can eat it. You can use it to remove eye makeup, cleanse your face by tissuing off or removing with a damp wash cloth, shaving, moisturizing. I use it every day, but right now I’m also using raw apple cider vinegar on my face with a cotton ball first to exfoliate (dilute if you’re sensitive).