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  • Sounds great! Did you order it online?
  • I miss a lot of the old members too and I've started to check back. I had many months of great interactions and lots of support but then it seemed to turn sour and I didn't feel like exposing myself to that. So I'm visiting with caution and wishing …
  • Hey everyone! Lisa - you're doing great! I have a tip you can try, read it on a blog and I think I agree. A lot of the time the smell of the cooked food is better than the actual taste. I've found this in the past, it smells so good you have to tast…
  • I don't know about emotional detox, who can ever tell? Yesterday I was CRANKY but I'm attributing it to PMS. Fine today. Most of all I feel lighter and cleaner than ever before.
  • lisa5678 - I started before Christmas and got the book a few days ago. He clarifies that you should get AT LEAST 80% carbs and a MAXIMUM of 10% protein and fat so he says you don't have to worry about getting up to 10%. Hope that helps! Just wanted …
  • I miss you too, mamamilk. You’ve always been supportive and kind and if you’re in need of the same just say the word.
  • Branwyn32 – so sorry! I had food poisoning in Thailand pre-raw and I also had high fever, sweats, aches and all of the other issues. My system took about 2 weeks to work itself out but while I was still there everyone recommended drinking coconut wa…
  • I love the Pumpkin Curry http://www.goneraw.com/recipes/2048-Pumpkin-Curry and I came up with a Pumpkin Pie smoothie http://www.goneraw.com/recipes/2155-Pumpkin-Pie… Hope that helps!
  • ikn – sorry, no clue about the x-rays. Chicago should be great! jah rawstafari – I was like you at dinner. I was so sick to death of gagging down Ensalada Mixta (lettuce tomato and onion) every night, the only meat-free salad in the country other th…
  • Here’s a chat we had going a while back. There are lots of ideas for picky eaters! http://www.goneraw.com/forums/being-raw/topics/...
  • I’ve been surprised at how small our meals have become. My husband used to snort at the size of the dinner I would hand him and almost always has trouble finishing it.
  • If you can get them with nice greens, they’re meant to be chock full of nutrients, far more than the roots. You can put the greens in salads or smoothies.
    in Prepare Beets Comment by amysue
  • You can try my white hot chocolate on this site. You just need a high speed blender that will heat it up enough to melt the raw cacao.
    in Raw White Chocolate Comment by amysue
  • I’m making this right now! Are you using Matt Amsden’s recipe from RAWvolution? I’ve made it many times with no problem other than the fact that he says 2 onions, so depending on the size of the onions I ended up with more bread or less. Too much on…
  • Instead of avocados you can try blending pine nuts or cashews with the lemon and some water to thin it down. Garlic or ginger could also be added. Or try lime with the avocado and some cilantro and cayenne or jalapeno blended in.
  • Hey jellibi – I’ve panicked over my daughter’s friends coming over for meals too, although they’re a bit younger. Kids are complicated creatures and they’re all different and from my experience I’ve had just as many kids turn their noses up to my co…
    in AHH! A Sleepover! Comment by amysue
  • My husband uses a Sigg bottle without the top. The mason jars don’t fit in his drink holders.
  • Hey! I just went through this at a wedding. The rehearsal dinner was a BBQ, which for our area means burgers and dogs on the grill, potato salad and a salad with some bottled dressings. My strategy in situations like that is to stuff myself right be…
  • Sorry to interupt, I’ve read A New Earth, loved it, but this is just about a t-shirt I thought you all might like, it’s relevant, don’t worry…http://www.lovingraw.com/blog/ Just scroll down.
  • I second everything Paxton Squiggledy said. I go through waves of wanting to do it desperately but I think it would be impossible to fit into our travels. Never say never, but I’d love to hear what you get out of it!
  • Cayenne pepper is my new #1, when you research it you’ll be amazed. Cacao powder, goji berries, Alissa Cohen’s Green Food, maca root powder, chia seeds either whole or sprouted and ground, hemp seeds, extra virgin coconut oil, dandelions. My sources…
  • heyenglish – I’m the same with the commercials!! When I hear the first notes of Sarah McLachlan’s song Angel on tv I have to run from the room or hide under pillows!
    in soo sad. Comment by amysue
  • I so understand. I don’t know if I could watch it, probably not, but I wish it were required for meat eaters. My husband and I don’t discuss it, sensitive subject, but I wonder what he would think of it. The news video of the sick cattle still haunt…
    in soo sad. Comment by amysue
  • I chucked my gross vinyl shower curtain and bought a polyester one at TJ Maxx. They had quite a few different styles, must be catching on. I would have preferred hemp but it was more affordable for now and not fume-y.
  • I’ve been soaking for an hour and then sprouting for 24 hrs with lots of rinses in a colander or a sprouting bag and it works great. Gabriel Cousens mentioned that they can ferment quickly if you let them soak too long.
    in Buckwheaties? Comment by amysue
  • Yeah, give us details!! I just read a book called Spook by a science journalist and she couldn’t find any proof so I’m ready for some ghost stories!
    in Ghost sighting Comment by amysue
  • Hey have_mersey! I was rereading Matt Monarch’s book Raw Success last night, and he talks a lot about amounts of food, but his point is you’re body is always going to push you to eat less, which can be dangerous just because we’re living in a pollut…
    in I was wondering... Comment by amysue
  • Rawcuss – I second what Rosita-Khan, jenny and megan wrote, and I can tell you from experience I went through the same symptoms. I did exactly the same as you, changed overnight, and it was an unpleasant slog through. I always know when I’m detoxing…
  • I just needed to share the COOLEST CATALOGUE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! American Science & Surplus, I had never heard of it but had ordered a 3-D drawing pad from Amazon and it came from this company. The drawing pad comes with 3-D glasses, so they just…
    in Raw Homeschooling Comment by amysue
  • My daughter and her friend are spying on me right now, must be very boring. Hey cpagosa! Thanks for sharing your story. My daughter would agree with mamamilk with the fruit for breakfast idea, she doesn’t have a huge appetite in the morning. But if …
    in Raw Homeschooling Comment by amysue