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  • Light period since becoming raw

    I study Chinese medicine and your post caught my eye. Traditional Chinese medicine would say that you need to nourish your blood with animal essences like meat and bones, and that during your menses you shouldn't eat too many raw foods. I completely disagree with nourishing the blood with animal essences because I haven't had any problems with my menses while following a strict 100% raw diet. A strict traditional Chinese medical practitioner would probably encourage you to eat organ meats and other cooked meats. (ugh!)

    Here's my question: Do you experience cramping abdominal pains that worsen with raw food intake during your periods? I would recommend seeing an actual Acupuncturist/herbologist in person, but there is a possibility that you are experiencing "coldness in the lower jiao," which means that the "cold" raw foods you are taking in may be congealing your blood flow. If this is the case with you, then I'd encourage you to eat cooked grains like quinoa and oatmeal with warming spices like cinnamon and clove with gou qi zi (gou ji berries), which are known for tonifiying the body's yin, blood and qi, dates (which in Middle Eastern medicine also tonify the blood). You could look online for good "congee" recipes....congee is a traditional Chinese porridge that can be prepared either sweet or savory.

    The reason why I recommend seeing an acupuncturist is because there are sooooo many reasons why you may be having lighter periods and it would be VERY negligent for me to advise you based on the limited information from your postings without even taking your tongue, pulse or meeting you in person. I just thought you might be interested in an Chinese medical perspective on your issue, combined with the raw vegan diet's possible effects on your body.

    Keep us posted on your progress!! And keep shining on.


    Raw Goddess Siham