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  • How a Raw Food Diet Saved My Dog's Life

    At a young age, my border collie Bean Dip (silly name, I know) was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and underwent hip replacement surgery.

    The vet told me that we could no longer run her, that she would eventually need surgery to replace the other ball and socket in her hip, and that she would likely be dead by 9 years old.

    Luckily, my former vet was wrong. Thanks to a healthy raw food diet, Bean Dip just celebrated her 14th birthday!

    Check it out here:

    Go raw and be fit,



  • Do you do Enemas in your family?

    That's true. No amount of fruit will help the body heal any disease/disorder if the person is still practicing unhealthy lifestyle habits on a regular basis (e.g. eating too much fat, consuming animal flesh and by-products, drinking, smoking, using drugs, being sedentary, etc.)



  • Diatomaceous Earth

    Food grade DE is great! I do not use it on myself or consume it, but on my pets to keep fleas and ticks away. It's just the fossilized bodies of plant organisms in a powder form. It penetrates the bug's body and dries out their insides.

    I had fleas in my house earlier this summer and after a few days of using DE on my 4 pets and on my carpets, the fleas were gone! Now I just put some on the animals every few days. No more fleas!

    Some farmers add water to it and spray it on their trees as an organic pesticide. :)

    Oh, and I don't use Frontline or any other harmful flea prevention drug on my pets.

    Remember to look for FOOD GRADE...not the stuff that people use in swimming pools!

    EDIT: Just wanted to add that I would NEVER eat the stuff or fee it too my pets. Bananas and a side of fossilized plants? I don't think so.



  • Leg Cramps

    I used to get terrible "Charlie Horse" cramps in my feet and calves. I would wake up in the middle of the night and stretch and get instant pain. I would be walking to class when I would feel a burning down the length of my foot. That meant that a cramp was coming on so I would have to stop and keep my foot flat for a few minutes.

    Dehydration plays a big part in causing these cramps. I haven't had any since going raw and eating a water rich high fruit diet.



  • Light period since becoming raw

    Personally, I believe that women are not supposed to bleed (or should bleed very little). Humans and domesticated wolves are the only animals that regularly bleed. I believe this blood loss is due to our over processed diets and sedentary (yet over stimulating lifestyles).

    A great book on menstruation is The Physiological Enigma of Woman by Raymonnd Bernard