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  • It depends upon how much you're eating. Plug your intake into www.cronometer.com to see how much calcium you're getting. Swayze  
  • According to the World Health Organization, the average person really doesn't need that much calcium as long as animal protein and salt consumption are limited. It's very easy to meet calcium needs (450 mg/day, according to WHO) on a diet of fruit a…
  • "oatmeal with flax seed and 2 toast with organic p.butter & jelly salad 2 to 3 glasses of carrot and veggies juice cook lentils with quinoa, avocado and salad some fruits in the mid day and for dinner oats again. fir my cravings i do spoons of p…
  • Here's an article I wrote about sea salt: Is Sea Salt Really Healthy? http://www.fitonraw.com/2011/05/is-sea-salt-really-healthy/ Go raw and be fit, Swayze www.fitonraw.com
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  • How about just bananas and spinach? 5 bananas, 3 giant handfuls of spinach, and 1-2 cups of water. Simple, filling, and definitely sweet! :) Swayze  
  • Instead of trying to replicate this dish, why not eat something healthier that will satisfy your needs. It sounds like you're missing calories and carbs so why not have a big bowl of grapes or a bunch of bananas? Or you could make a fruit smoothie o…
  • If you're making something that doesn't require the chewy, dense texture of dates (like a raw soup), apples work well. I like using a bit of apple as a sweetener in salsas. Swayze www.fitonraw.com
  • Thank you! :) Swayze  
    in Liver Flush Myths Comment by swayze
  • "The pseudo stones that users report passing after consuming the liver flush mixture are actually a result of a process known as saponification. The stones are a complex formed due to the reaction between the sterols found in the olive oil and the b…
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  • Agreed. I think part of it has to do with conditioning or a lack of it. Another part has to do with coaching. My tennis instructor complains all the time about how the juniors here are just fed balls all day and then expected to perform and be strat…
  • Thanks, mrshumes! You're right, it really is a no-brainer. And it doesn't take as long as most people think to get used to simpler foods and even start to crave them. For most people, they'll start to see a difference in just a few days. Swayze  
  • "I guess the price of health is eternal vigilance." It gets much easier, I promise you. Staying raw is a thousand times easier than going raw. People tend to think that my lifestyle is so tough, that I constantly have to stay motivated to stay raw.…
  • Awesome, congrats on the weight loss and "getting the glow". :) Swayze  
  • Yep, I took over rawfoodexplained last year. Haven't changed any of the content. It's all still T.C. Fry's articles from his Life Science course. I also referred to it a lot when I first went raw so when I was approached for ownership, I just couldn…
  • I completely agree. Having enough food around (more than enough in the beginning) is a must. More importantly, the fruit needs to be ripe. Several fruits, like bananas, mangoes, and peaches, are often unripe when bought from the store and must be gi…
  • No problem, thanks for subscribing! :) Swayze  
  • Sounds like a plan, Ultrasaurus (awesome name)! To help with cost, buy in bulk whenever you can. I know Whole Foods offers a 10% discount on cases and other grocers offer discounts as well. Warehouse stores like Costco are great as well. Swayze  
  • Actually, I offer a free 5-week transition to raw course to those who subscribe to my mailing list. You can sign up here if you're interested: www.fitonraw.com The best high-calorie fruit is the banana because it's cheap, available, and tasty. Grape…
  • "It's SO important to ensure you are getting enough protein and fat in your diet." I agree, but it's pretty easy to get enough of both of these. As long as you're getting enough calories, you'll get enough protein. The same with fat. In fact, it's …
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  • Hah, gotcha. :) Swayze  
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  • No to be pushy, but you may want to make sure you are getting enough calories and getting in your greens. Being capable of eating 14 eggs in one sitting could be a sign that you aren't providing what your body needs. Swayze
    in I am curious. Comment by swayze
  • 14?! That's a lot of eggs! You must have been pretty hungry. Swayze  
    in I am curious. Comment by swayze
  • The best way to defeat cravings is to have delicious raw food that you love in the house at all times. This way anytime you are hungry or are being tempted by cooked foods, you have some tasty raw food to eat. Hope that helps, Swayze  
    in I am curious. Comment by swayze
  • There could be a lot of things going on here. Are you including fatty foods like avocados or nuts in your smoothie? Are you including a lot of fat in your diet overall? Are you eating too fast? This article I wrote on indigestion should help: http…
    in Smoothies and gas? Comment by swayze
  • Since it has only been 6 days, there's a good chance your fatigue is just withdrawal. If it continues without improvement, scrutinize your diet. Are you eating enough? Are you relying too much on fatty foods like avocado, nuts, seeds, and oils? Hope…
  • I typically eat about 6-8 bananas in a meal. What a little girl I am. :P Swayze  
  • maxie7, why do you think you need 20% fat and 10% protein? rldavi7, weight gain is about one thing and one thing only: calories in vs. calories out. As long as you eat less than you need, you'll lose weight. I've found that a high fruit, low fat die…
  • What would be the purpose of raw dairy in your child's diet? What would it add that fruits and veggies (and breast milk, if you're still nursing) couldn't provide, other than calories? Swayze  
  • I agree with hikuro. Fresh produce is always better than anything cooked, even if it's conventionally grown. Plus, organic is not always better. Here's a post I wrote about organic produce early this summer: Is Eating Organic BS? http://www.fiton…
  • Like ambiguous, I find that blenders are necessary for making things completely smooth (smoothies!). I only use my food processor when making banana ice cream or if I'm grating a large amount of something. Otherwise the blender works just fine. Swa…
    in Who needs blenders? Comment by swayze