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  • How to improve fertility?

    The most basic advice for increasing fertility is to increase health. Drink more water, eat more raw, sleep more, relax more, exercise more, eat more omega 3 and 6 (flax seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds), reduce toxic exposure, reduce non-nutrients (caffeine, sugar, alcohol, etc) - basically make your body as healthy as can be.

    Many fertility problems are directly related to poor nutrition and poor overall health. Pregnancy cannot occur when the body is overwhelmed and in a compromised state of health. Logically, why create and sustain a new life (fetus), if the body isn't even capable of sustaining itself?

    There are also specific herbs and foods to help with fertility, but as I know very little about you or your health background, I am wary to recommend something. Maybe talking with a naturopathic or osteopathic Dr would be helpful for you, to pinpoint the changes you need to make to your life to increase fertility.

    Good luck!

  • probiotics for babies

    Probiotics are safe for children (if taken in small amounts), and can be very effective in combatting symptoms of compromised digestion. However, the infrequent bowel movements could be attributed to issues other than compromised intestinal flora, and I would be wary to advise probiotics without first ruling out other, more serious, health conditions. Also, formula fed babies are more constipated than breast fed - that's just nature! If she is formula feeding, she may want to try adding more water to the formula (and feeding the baby more often), or giving the baby small amounts of water to help her feces pass. Also, the constipation could be a virus or other health condition and if it persists, the baby should receive medical attention.

    There are lots of brands of probiotics for kids/infants, with pre-determined dosages. The ones that come in powdered form are easiest to administer, as the mother can put a bit on her finger or nipple and the baby will suck it off.