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  • No weight loss?

    All these comments are making me so sad :( Calorie restricting will NEVER result in long term weight lose. Can someone please explain to me how starving the body to force the weight off is healthy?

    And cutting back on sugary fruits?! Common guys...the raw vegan lifestyle is suppose to be helping people thrive! Not making people starve and cut back on fruit (what our bodies need most of).


    Eat in ABUNDANCE raw fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds (aiming for 80/10/10). Most people starve the body with poor nutrition and fad diets for YEARS. So of course it's going to cling to every piece of food we give it. But once it realizes we won't be starving it anymore(this may takes weeks, months, or even years), it can let go of all the extra back-up food (AKA:fat).

  • My new journey: Going completely raw! Who joins? In need of support:)

    Hi Isaline. Congrats on starting your journey! smile

    If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask. 

  • Less hungry on raw diet?

    Raw food is nutrient dense. Our bodies become more adept at the process and the extraction of the nutrients. This is why we require less once we have adapted .... xoxo 

    It's now 6pm and I am just finishing my breakfast fruit bowl ... haha can't figure out why the font is bold ... sorry

    ClaireTHarmony1Full Time Raw Vegan
  • Raw Homeschooling

    Exploring the world with my two adventurous children, aged 5 and 8, has been an extraordinary journey. It's a testament to the beauty of homeschooling, a lifestyle that allows us to seamlessly blend learning with the wonders of nature. In our family, we believe that our connection with nature is sacred. The rustling leaves, babbling brooks, and chirping birds are our companions in this grand adventure. We teach our children to respect and cherish the environment, understanding that we are an integral part of this delicate balance. But homeschooling is about more than just nature; it's about keeping pace with the modern world. We want our children to be tech-savvy and recognize the power of devices like computers and smartphones. These tools aren't just for entertainment; they connect us with distant loved ones and open doors to knowledge. Our smartphone serves as a lifeline, allowing us to call family and friends who are miles away. It's a bridge between our cozy home and the world beyond. The computer, on the other hand, is a portal to education. With programs like Magic Desktop, we create a safe space for our children to learn, create, and play. It's a digital wonderland where they explore and grow, all under the watchful eye of parental controls. Our diverse approach to upbringing isn't about choosing between nature and technology; it's about embracing both. We've witnessed the results firsthand – our children are blossoming, curious, and well-rounded. Their horizons are boundless, a testament to the harmonious blend of nature, technology, and education.The journey continues, and we're excited to see the limitless possibilities that lie ahead. It's a beautiful tapestry we're weaving – one that combines the simplicity of nature with the wonders of the digital age.

  • Need to lose weight

    Hi Walter,

    I suggest you to eat soluble fiber, real food, drink coffee or tea, eat fruits, juices, eat foods rich in fiber, especially viscous fiber, veggie crunch salad, pressure cooker baked beans, cherry tomato, egg cracker etc. If you can add these recipes in your diet you can definitely lose your weight within few weeks.